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PCT Day 92 Ridgetop Hiking

  17th July 2015 Mileage 22.9 Rock River Camp (1429.3) to Moosehead Creek (1452.2) All intention of hiking many miles on this day were dismissed early. It was hot and oppressive. The day started wi...
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PCT Day 91 It’s Getting Hot 

  16th July 2015 Mileage 30.6 (49.2km) Bushcamp (1398.7) to Rock River Camp (1429.3) I woke early and was on trail at 5am. It was 5.15am when there was enough natural light. Recently I posted my he...
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PCT Day 90 The Call of the Wild

  15th July 2015 Mileage 19.8 Old Station (1378.9) to Bushcamp (1398.7) I sat in JJs Cafe sipping my coffee when Mr & Mrs Smith walked in. An hour earlier we tried to hitch hike the 3.5 miles f...
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PCT Day 89 The Virtues of Thru Hiking

  BearLee with the beers 14th July 2015 Mileage 0 Old Station (1378.9) Flexability, patience and adaptability. Just three virtues of importance for a hiker on the PCT. Several days ago I ordered ne...
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PCT Day 88 Old Station

    10am  13th July 2015 Mileage 14 Bushcamp (1363.9) Old Station (1377.9) Hiking into a trail town with the promise of real food always promises a cracking pace. 14 miles in about 4 hours. Th...
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PCT Day 87 The Reunion

  12th July 2015 Mileage 19.1 Feather River (1344.8) to Bushcamp (1363.9) I guess we entering the 'Ring of Fire'. Lassen Volcanic National Park is the name of the place we are hiking through. It's ...
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PCT Day 86 Chester

  11th June 2015 Mileage 12.9 Soldier Creek (1331.9) to Feather River (1344.8) I could almost smell the bacon and eggs in the morning air. I was only about 3 miles from a highway that could make th...
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PCT Day 85 Halfway To Canada

  10th July 2015 Mileage 27.3 Bushcamp (1304.6) to (1331.9) It's 1.40am and I'm woken by a call just outside my tent. Who whoooo whoooo. An owl must be perched right above my tent. Being woken by a...
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PCT Day 84 The Climb

  9th July 2015 Mileage 15.4 Belden (1289.2) to Bushcamp (1304.6) Refreshed, that's how I would describe myself after staying the night at The Braatons, the local trail angels near Beldon. I woke t...
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PCT Day 83 Lightning Strikes

  8th July 2015 Mileage 24.9 Bushcamp (1264.3) to Belden (1289.2) I ran down the exposed treeless trail as fast as my legs would allow. Not the easiest task while carrying my 8kg backpack. Seconds ...

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