Cycle Touring

Packing a bicycle box

Cancun to Atlanta

I arrived in the tourist mecca of Cancun and checked into a small family run hostel. I had a couple of days until my flight which was enough time to get some much needed chores done. Firstly, I needed to someho...

The Cenotes of Cuzuma

The small village of Cuzuma, about 45km from the large City of Merida is home to a large concentration of cenotes. A cenote is a collapsed cave full of water that is synonymous with the Yucatan peninsula of Mex...

Uxmal and Kabah

It was an easy but hot ride out of the colonial town of Campeche. On route to Kabah and Uxmal the roads were narrow but with little traffic it was easy and safe riding. When I could I took back roads which boug...

The Heat is Hot in Campeche

The Mexican State of Campeche is hot. It reminded me of home. Even the flat endless terrain reminded of the Aussie Outback minus the desert sections. For the most part I had the wind behind me so I could make s...

Goodbye Belize – Hello Mexico, Again

Leaving Belize I had to pay an exit tax of US$20. I already knew about this and slipped out of the country quite quickly. Entry to Mexico was also very easy, as it always is. Just hand over my passport, fill ou...

Lamanai – Mayan Ruins in Belize

Lamanai is one of the main Mayan sites in Belize. I never really considered Belize to be a country to hold such famed ruins. The more time I spent in the country and the more reading I did the more I realised t...

Cycling through Northwest Belize – Fail

I made a plan to cycle through the remote northwest of Belize. I checked my paper maps, offline maps, Pocket Earth Pro App and Google maps. The route looked great. I'd be cycling through a combination of Ranche...
Cahal Pech Belize

Belize – An English Speaking country in the Caribbean

When I enter a new country I always have a nervous feeling in my stomach. Entering Belize was no different. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the excitement of something new or maybe it's the feeling of being interr...

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