2 years of travel

2 Years of Travel

1st February is a special date for me. It marks 2 years of travel. On that date in 2014 I started this journey which in many ways has only just begun. My journey is about the spirit of adventure and exploring t...

Cycling and Hiking Zion National Park

The view from Angels Landing in Zion National Park It was a cool morning when I ate the last of my 5th Bagel with cream cheese and washed it down with my 4th coffee courtesy of the buffet breakfast at my supe...
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Hello Las Vegas

Bellagio with the fountains Rest Days off the bike in Las Vegas. Eating, sleeping and completing much neglected bicycle maintenance. This place is mad and so very over the top. I tried so very hard to enjoy...

Cycling the Mojave Desert

Hiking on the Kelso Dunes in the Mojave National Preserve, take only photos, leave only footprints! I saw a place on my map called Mojave National Preserve. Thought I'd cycle there and have a look at the plac...

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