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The complete 2016 hike of the Continental Divide Trail Blog, CDT. I have included everything from the planning, daily trip log and post hike gear reviews and tips for future CDT hikers. Enjoy my Continental Divide Trail Blog.

Continental Divide Trail Blog – Pre Hike

Hiking The CDT
Resupply for the CDT
Ccontinental Divide Trail Hiking Gear List
Preparing for the CDT
CDT Trail Days

New Mexico

Day 1 The Beginning
Day 2 Hard Work
Day 3 Easy Miles but still hard
Day 4 I love the heat
Day 5 I survived an 80MPH Sandstorm
Day 6 When Rattlesnakes attack
Day 7 Into the Woodlands
Day 8 Gorge Walking Road Walking
Day 9 Silver City equals Pizza
Day 10 A Day of Rest
Day 11 Heavy Legs
Day 12 The Gila River
Day 13 Gila Cliff Dwellings
Day 14 Narrow Gorges and Hot Springs
Day 15 From the Gila River to the Grasslands
Day 16 Roadwalking, from lost to found
Day 17 Fatique sets in
Day 18 Disgusting Water
Day 19 Pie Town
Day 20 Pie Town to the Ranch
Day 21 Roads Storms and Clouds
Day 22 Looking Forward
Day 23 Into the Town of Grants
Day 24 Rest and Recovery
Day 25 Don’t pick up hitchhikers
Day 26 The Sport of Postholing
Day 27 I love New Mexico
Day 28 Storms and Snakes
Day 29 Outrunning the Storms
Day 30 Rest Day in Cuba
Day 31 Into the Cold Mountains
Day 32 Snowy Mountains to Red Rock Canyons
Day 33 Ghost Ranch
Day 34 Onto the Colorado Plateau
Day 35 Lost in the Snow
Day 36 Is that a Wolf
Day 37 I Just Walked Across New Mexico


Day 38-40 Rest Days in Chama
Day 41 Well Hello Colorado
Day 42 I’ve Never seen so much snow
Day 43 Thru Mountaineering a Day to Remember
Day 44 Fear Gets the better of me
Day 45 Escape from the mountains
Day 46-47 Pagosa Springs
Day 48 And the thunder rolls
Day 49 Altitude Sickness
Day 50 15 hours of hiking
Day 51 The retreat from the snow
Day 52 Getting to town is not easy
Day 53 Creede
Day 54 Back on the trail alone
Day 55 Finally I’m doing easier miles
Day 56 Following the Colorado Trail
Day 57 A night in a log cabin
Day 58 Monarch Pass
Day 59-61 Salida
Day 62 Sad to leave Salida
Day 63 Emotional Rollercoaster
Day 64 More Passes and No Water
Day 65 Hike Naked day
Day 66 Into Twin Lakes for a rest
Day 67 Too Tired to continue
Day 68 I just hiked 1000 miles but I’m still in pain
Day 69 From great to average
Day 70 It’s time for a rest
Day 71-76 Back on Trail
Day 77 My favourite section of trail so far
Day 78 Climbing to the highest point of the CDT
Day 79 This trail is brutal
Day 80 Down and Up of trail life
Day 81 Three beers on a hot day
Day 82-83 Back to the Mountains
Day 84 The Last of the tall peaks
Day 85 From the mountains to the plains
Day 86 The kindness of strangers
Day 87 Last Day in Colorado


Day 88 Hello Wyoming
Day 89 Back on Track
Day 90 Into the Wyoming Basin
Day 91-92 Rawlins town day
Day 93 Sunsets and Moonrises
Day 94 Mustangs and Pronghorns
Day 95 1500 miles
Day 96 Grand Sunsets
Day 97 Atlantic City
Day 98 Heading into the Winds
Day 99 Hiking the Cirque of the Towers
Day 100 I’m exhausted or sick or both
Day 101 Sick on Trail
Day 102 Cryptosporidium and Wildfires
Day 103 Rest Day in Pinedale
Day 104 Feeling better back on trail
Day 105 High Glacial Mountains to Green river valleys
Day 106 Fires and flowers
Day 107 I’m hungry
Day 108 Togwotee Lodge food break
Day 109 There’s a bear in my campsite
Day 110 Hiking Yellowstone National Park
Day 111 When Grizzlies attack
Day 112 Trail Reunion
Day 113 Valley of the Geysers


Day 114 Hello Idaho
Day 115 Hiking the headwaters of the Missouri River
Day 116 Eating Berries
Day 117 Hiking the Montana Idaho border
Day 118 Lima town break
Day 119 No energy today
Day 120 The Montana and Idaho Rollercoaster
Day 121 Long days of rolling hills
Day 122 2000 miles plus
Day 123 Leadore Idaho
Day 124 Tired again
Day 125 Following in Lewis and Clark footsteps
Day 126 Roadwalk Detour
Day 127 Last full day in Idaho


Day 128 Goodbye Idaho
Day 129 Solo and struggling
Day 130 Wildlife
Day 131 Running Out of Food
Day 132-133 Anaconda Ghost Town
Day 134 Still moving north
Day 135 Slow and Steady
Day 136 Change of Plans
Day 137 Trail Magic to Helena
Day 138-139 Leaving the capital of Montana
Day 140 Meeting with Friends
Day 141 Snowing
Day 142 To Lincoln
Day 143 Into the Wilderness
Day 144 A bit windy
Day 145 I bear sprayed myself
Day 146 Walking the Chinese Wall
Day 147 Hiking through a Winter Blizzard
Day 148 A cold day hiking in the snow and mud
Day 149 Brutally cold
Day 150 To East Glacier
Day 151-153 Retreat from the Mountains
Day 154 Still the wind is too strong
Day 155-158 Waiting out the bad weather
Day 159 Dangerous Snow covered Trail
Day 160 Triple Divide Pass
Day 161 Surprising a Grizzly Bear while hiking
Day 162 A Perfect Day
Day 163 Almost in Canada
Day 164 I just hiked from Mexico to Canada on the CDT

Post Trail

CDT Gear Review
Hints and Tips for hiking the CDT

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