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Cycle Touring at its best in Alaska – Lets be Friends

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  1. Hi Brad, I really enjoyed your PCT blog, it’s been really useful for my upcoming section hike this year (Oregon-Canada). I was just wondering, what did you do about food storage in bear country? Did many people hang food, or use Ursacks?

    1. I kept my food in my tent. I stored it in a large 1 gallon zip lock bag. Almost all hikers do this. The bears are not really a problem. Good luck with your hike.

      1. A belated thanks Brad! My husband and I hope to make it up to Glacier towards mid-late August – if you are nearby I’ll be sure to get in touch.

      2. I will be up that way. I suspect late August, but more probably early September. It’s such a long way away

  2. Brad, great writeup! If time permits, can you add something like (H), (B), or (H&B) to show what you took on your PCT hike and your Alaska to Argentina bike trip? H=hike, B=bike %^) I’ll tune into your ride when I can. I’d spent 2 years meandering on a motorcycle from Alaska to Argentina and now am planning a PCT thru-hike for 2016. South America (anywhere) was my favorite. Cheers

    1. I do need to update the list and will do so in the next 7-10 days when I have more time. I carry all my hiking gear with me in the bike and use it as my biking gear too. Good idea about adding h b h&b etc. Again I will update soon.

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