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I would love to hear from you.

If you would like so send me a message with any questions or encouragement I will reply as soon as I reach some reliable internet.

If the question refers to one of the posts that I have written then you can comment on that post and others can read it. I will still reply when I can.

Things I will answer:
– Questions about hiking and bicycle touring
– Suggestions for blog posts
– Messages of encouragement
– Queries from quality companies in the lightweight hiking or bicycle touring niche. I assume you have read a little About Me first.
– An offer to fully fund my next adventure ;)

Things I will not answer and will report as Spam:
– I do not accept guest posts, sorry.
– Spam messages or offering to sell me something
– Spam about improving my SEO
– Asking me to click links to look at your lovely ‘photos’!
– Assistance to get money out of Nigeria or anywhere else

Thanks for your support.

Brad McCartney