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The complete Appalachian Trail Blog is contained within this page. Everything a hiker will need to prepare for a hike on the Appalachian Trail and my detailed list of hints and tips.

In 2017 I hiked the Appalachian Trail which was the last trail for me to complete the ‘Hiking Triple Crown. Having already hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail I thought this trail would be easy. I was wrong. This 2190 mile trail is no easy walk in the woods. At times it is crazy steep and covered in slippery rocks. Bears await to steal food and the Rattlesnakes are rather large. An easy hike it is not.

The Appalachian Trail is possibly the most well known long distance hiking trail in the world. It’s the most popular long distance Trail in North America with about 5000 people attempting to hike the whole Trail in a year, it is estimated that less than 25% successfully finish. This is substantially less than the estimated 2,000,000 plus people that spend at least one day hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail every year. Hiking the Appalachian Trail trail is very popular.

Appalachian Trail Gear

Most people carry way too much gear when hiking the Appalachian Trail. My Appalachian Trail Gear List was about 6.5kg. For part of the trail I went ‘stoveless‘ to reduce weight and take advantage of the warmer weather to rehydrate meals instead of cook. The trail is close to a lot of  towns so I will not be in the wilderness for too long without a substantial meal.

You also need to read my Appalachian Trail Gear review to see how all the gear performed. 

All the best gear lightweight gear for thru hiking the Appalachian Trail

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My Current Lightweight Hiking Gear List

Appalachian Trail Documentary

Before going any further make sure you watch my Appalachian Trail Documentary. And Subscribe to my YouTube Adventure Cycling and Hiking Channel.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail Movie Documentary - BikeHikeSafari


Pre Trail Information

Appalachian Trail Gear List
Day Zero – Preparation Day

Hiking The Appalachian Trail Blog

Appalachian Trail – Georgia

Day 1 – Appalachian Trail
Day 2 – Finally Meeting Other Hikers
Day 3 – Major Gear Malfunction
Day 4 – Illness Sets in
Day 5 – What a Difference 24 hours makes – Hiawassee

Appalachian Trail – Tennessee and North Carolina

Day 6 – The Lands of the Cherokee
Day 7 – My First Week on the Trail
Day 8 – And then the rain came
Day 9 – The burnt forest
Day 10 – The Trail Can be Lonely Sometimes
Day 11 – Fontana Dam and Smokies
Day 12 – Rain in the Smokies
Day 13 – Clingmans Dome, the highest point on the trail
Day 14 – Out if the Smokies and a Trail Reunion
Day 15 – Max Patch Magic
Day 16 – Hot Springs Reunion
Day 17 – Perfect Weather
Day 18 – The Calm before the wind
Day 19 – The Wind
Day 20 – Into the town of Erwin for food
Day 21 – And then it snowed
Day 22 – Best Day Yet
Day 23 – The Roan Highlands
Day 24 – Waterfall and Gorges
Day 25- A Walk in the the woods

Appalachian Trail – Virginia

Day 26-27 – Into Damascus, Virginia
Day 28 – And then there were three
Day 29 – Kicked in the Balls by a Wild Pony
Day 30 – Into Marion Virginia for Pizza
Day 31 – No Energy Today
Day 32 – Feeling Dehydrated
Day 33 – Goodbye Shogun
Day 34-35 – Damascus – Trail Days
Day 36 – Back to the Trail
Day 37 – Nero In Pearisburg
Day 38 – More rain
Day 39 – Still It Rains
Day 40 – Sun And Magic
Day 41 – Best Views On the AT
Day 42 – Daleville
Day 43 – Heavy Backpack and Heavy Rain
Day 44 -The Crowd is Thinning
Day 45 – My First 30 Plus Mile Day
Day 46 – Dramatic Skies
Day 47 – 48 – Wildlife and Wild Life
Day 49 – Shenandoah National Park
Day 50 – Bear on the Appalachian Trail
Day 51 – Luxurious Hiking
Day 52 – Hardest Day Yet
Day 53 – It’s Raining Again
Day 54 – 1000 Miles and 1000 Smiles

Appalachian Trail – West Virginia

Day 55 – Harpers Ferry
Day 56-58 – Appalachian Trail to Washington DC

Appalachian Trail – Maryland

Day 59 – Hiking into Maryland

Appalachian Trail – Pennsylvania

Day 60 – Welcome to Pennsylvania
Day 61 – Rattlesnakes on the Appalachian Trail
Day 62 – Ice Cream Challange

Day 63 – Two Towns in One Day
Day 64 – Headaches and Fatigue
Day 65 – Big Day of Thunderstorms
Day 66 – Day of Snakes and Ticks
Day 67 – Appalachian Trail World Hike Naked Day
Day 68 – Too Much Amazing Food
Day 69 – Rocks, Flowers, Frogs and Porcupines but no Water
Day 70 – Trail Magic – Where is Everyone

Appalachian Trail – New Jersey

Day 71 – Hello New Jersey
Day 72 – Knotts and the Appalachian Trail Speed Record
Day 73 – Wetlands, Pizza and the Playboy Bunny

Appalachian Trail – New York

Day 74 – Good Bye New Jersey, Hello New York
Day 75-80 – Visiting New York from the Appalachian Trail
Day 81 – Back on Trail
Day 82 – Rocky Hiking with Rocky and more Ticks
Day 83 – Just a Walk in the Rain
Day 84 – Trailside Zoo
Day 85 – The call to move northward

Appalachian Trail – Connecticut

Day 86 – Into Connecticut
Day 87 – Too tired to Eat
Day 88 – Today is just a bad day

Appalachian Trail – Massachusetts

Day 89 – I hope my phone isn’t broken
Day 90 – Town Detour
Day 91 – Focusing on Fungus
Day 92 – Trail magic four times in one day
Day 93-94 – Into and out of Dalton

Appalachian Trail – Vermont

Day 95 – Vermont Vermont Vermont
Day 96 – Whoops, No Food
Day 97 – Star Watching
Day 98 – My love for the trail has returned
Day 99 – Climbing Mt Killington
Day 100 – A wet but not miserable day
Day 101 – Houston we have a problem
Day 102 – Problems solved, the trail awaits

Appalachian Trail – New Hampshire

Day 103 – Hanover, New Hampshire
Day 104 – Hiking Outside the Bubble
Day 105 – Mt Moosilauke Sunset
Day 106 – The descent from Hell
Day 107 – The Franconia Ridge
Day 108 – Hiking Before Sunset
Day 109 – Mt Washington
Day 110-112 Gorham and the Wildcat Mountains and a rest day

Appalachian Trail – Maine

Day 113 – Hello Maine
Day 114 – Mahoosuc Notch
Day 115 – Rain and Shine
Day 116 – Lakes and Mountains
Day 117 – Sunrise over the Lakes
Day 118-119 – Into the town of Stratton
Day 120 – Deuce Bigelow Mountains
Day 121 – Happy 80th Birthday, Appalachian Trail
Day 122 – Kennebec River Ferry
Day 123 – Into Monson, the last trail town
Day 124 – 100 Mile Wilderness
Day 125 – Rain and Low miles
Day 126 – Night Hiking
Day 127 – I just Ran Out of Food
Day 128 – Food Glorious Food
Day 129 – I just Hiked the Appalachian Trail

Things you Need to Know

Gear Review
Tips for hiking the Appalachian Trail

Appalachian trail

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Enjoy the trail.

Cheers Shepherd – PCT15, CDT16, AT17, TA18-19 and still hiking.

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