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Best Bike Kickstand

Bike Kickstand

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This is a gear review about the best bicycle kickstands for bike touring 2023.

Generally, most people cycle touring do not use kickstands. Several years ago I added a bike stand to my touring bike, against the advice from the manufacturer. I loved it so much that I couldn’t see myself bicycle touring without a kickstand. Cyclists who are commuting or using their bikes to get around town love them, maybe you will too.

You may not think that you need a kickstand, as there is often somewhere that you can lean your bike against, whether this is a wall or a tree.

However, when you are riding a touring bike that is full of gear a kickstand is a great option to have on your bike.

Sometimes there isn’t always somewhere to place your bike, so a kickstand can become a really helpful thing to have. In this article, I have put together the best bike kickstands that you’ll be able to buy right now.

Best Bicycle Kickstand for Bike Touring & Bikepacking 2023

The Best Bicycle Kickstand in 2023 are:

Best Bike Kickstand 2023 – Overall

Pletscher ESGE Multi Kickstand

> Made from aluminum
> Fits most bikes
> Very strong for loaded touring bikes
> Will scratch paint work on frame
> Can be annoying to fit

The Pletscher ESGE Multi Kickstand is an aluminum kickstand that is suitable for bikes with wheels between 26 to 29 inches.

This kickstand has been designed to provide you with stability on smooth or rough terrain while being loaded or unloaded. The aluminum is extremely durable and can deal with wear and tear while you are out riding. When using a loaded touring bike this kickstand will be able to hold the bike better than almost any other kickstand.

This kickstand can fit most size bikes. It is easy to install and use but will take a bit of time to adjust it for that perfect fit.

Overall, this is a very strong kickstand and the best kickstand for bike touring on the market and best suited for someone who is using a touring bike or using a bikepacking setup.

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Best Kickstand for Bike Racks

Tubus Lowrider Rack Kickstand

> Height Adjustable
> Strong
> Great for Tubus Lowrider racks
> Works with Tubus racks only

The Tubus Lowrider Rack Kickstand is the perfect kickstand if your bike has a lowrider rack. This kickstand mounts to the Tubus Tara Lowrider Front Rack, so you can park your bike with ease.

This kickstand works well to keep some of the heaviest touring bikes upright and parked. It is suited to front bike racks from Tubus and stabilizes the front of the bike which has a tendency to want to turn the wheel 90 degrees. When on any type of angle this may cause the bike to fall. More about this is in the info section below. Either way, this front bike rack kickstand will prevent this.

The length of the arm of the kickstand is adjustable, so it should fit all sizes of bikes with Tubus racks.

Overall, this is a great touring bike kickstand for anyone using Tubus front racks.

Compare Prices:

Compare Prices:

Best Center Kickstand for Bicycles

Pletscher ESGE Twin

> Can hold up to 55 lb / 25kg (inc bike weight)
> Very stable
> Folds away when not in use
> Not much adjustability
> Can’t be used with very heavily loaded touring bikes

The Pletscher ESGE Twin Kickstand has been designed to work like a motorbike’s center stand. Once the stand has been kicked into place, the stand lifts the rear wheel. This kickstand is perfect for 26-inch wheels.

With two feet, this is one of the most stable kickstands that you can get your hands on.

When it’s not in use, thanks to a pivot movement, a spring allows for the stand to fold away to one side of the bike when it’s not in use. This kickstand should only be used for touring bikes that are not too heavy and not carrying heavy loads. The maximum load capacity it can hold is 55 pounds / 25 kilograms.

Overall, this is a great bike kickstand that is best suited to lightweight bikes. Fully loaded bicycle touring should be avoided with this kickstand.

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Other Bike Stand Options

Click Stand

Click Stand

> Reasonable price
> Strong but not for heavy loads
> Easy to use
> Need to lock the brakes when in use
> Needs to be unpacked every time it is used

The Click Stand Kickstand comes in 4 to 6 segments and is made from 11mm aluminum tubing. The Click Stand comes in two sizes the Click Stand Max is ideal for bikes with added weight or tandems.

While the Click Stand Mini is good for most bikes with or without racks. This is a foldable and portable kickstand, which you use once you have stopped moving. When you want to use it, you need to put your brakes on or the bike will fall over. A hair tie or something similar wrapped around the handgrip and brake lever should be enough to prevent the bike from moving

I used this Clickstand for my first couple of bike tours. Initially, I found it a bit annoying that I needed to unpack it, lock the brakes, and find a flattish area to stand the bike. After trying to love it I eventually got rid of it and upgraded to the Pletscher ESGE Multi Kickstand.

Overall, this is a great budget kickstand for bicycle touring, bikepacking, or commuting but it is not as quick and simple as folding down the leg on a kickstand.

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Buyers Guide

A kickstand may be the last thing you may have thought about when you bought your bike. You don’t necessarily need a bike kickstand, as you can always lie your bike down on the ground, or up against a wall or tree. If you are into bicycle touring or bikepacking you may hear many people tell you to avoid them. I’m here to tell you they are a good idea and when you start using them you will not want to go back.

There are a couple of things you should consider when purchasing a kickstand. Below we have gone through these things you need to know, so you can make the wisest and best choice when it comes to buying your kickstand.

Gear Testing the Pletscher ESGE Multi Kickstand
Gear Testing the Pletscher ESGE Multi Kickstand

Centre VS Rear Mount Kickstand

Where you mount your kickstand is up to you, but you want to make sure that it is placed in the position that gives you the best support and stability when it’s in use.

You also want to make sure that wherever it is placed, it won’t get in your way while you are cycling. Otherwise, this could lead to some annoying mistakes and accidents.

Rear Mounted Kickstands

Rear-mounted kickstands are better suited when the majority of your bike’s weight is on your back wheel. These kickstands mount onto the back of your bike’s frame, between the crank chain and back wheel.

Where a rear-mounted kickstand is positioned means that there is less chance of the stand getting in the way of your pedals, while you are cycling.

Centre Mounted Kickstands

Centre-mounted kickstands are great and nice and stable but they have limitations. They can only be used on lightweight bike setups that are under 25 kg / 55 lb. Anything above that can damage the kickstand and even worse they can damage the frame.

It should also be noted that you should not over-tighten the center stand or you can damage the frame.

Generally, centre-mounted kickstands are not recommended for loaded touring bikes but are awesome for commuting bikes.


The weight of your kickstand is important and does depend on the type of bike that you have.

A touring bike that has been loaded with a lot of gear and equipment is going to need a much sturdier kickstand, than someone who uses their bike for commuting purposes.

You don’t want a kickstand that adds a lot of weight to your bike and that is distracting. It should be pretty unnoticeable while you are on the go, but still be strong enough to support your bike and whatever else is on it easily.

Most kickstands have a weight limit, and you need to factor this in when you are buying your kickstand. The weight limit you look for must depend on the purposes of your bike and the reasons why you need a kickstand.

You need to be aware of its weight limit because you don’t want to buy a kickstand that can’t take the weight that you had in mind.

Testing the Clickstand for bicycle touring
Testing the Clickstand with a fully loaded bicycle touring


You want a kickstand that is durable and will last a long time. The durability of a kickstand depends on the materials that the stand is made out of. Aluminum and steel are two very popular material choices for kickstands.

As both are known to be very strong materials that are durable and can deal with wear and tear easily. Always check the material that your kickstand is made from, as you want it to be made from a material that you know you can rely upon.

best heavy duty bike kickstands
Pletscher ESGE Multi Kickstand is one of the best heavy duty bike kickstands

Foot Grips

Some kickstands come with foot grips, which are designed to help prevent your bike from slipping on uneven and muddy terrain. This is a nice feature to have, but you must be warned that the rubber feet are known to wear out quite quickly and will need to be replaced regularly.

Although it is a personal choice, rubber feet are best avoided unless you are only using the bike kickstand for commuting.


Some kickstands are adjustable. This is an added bonus for bike riders who enjoy riding on uneven terrain, as the kickstand can adjust to the terrain that you are in.

If you only ride your bike in towns, cities, or any flat roads then adjustability isn’t something you really need to look out for.

Adjustability is a nice feature for your kickstand to have. Yet, it is more important for bikers who ride on uneven terrain, as it means they can adjust the kickstand to the terrain that they are in.

Some kickstands can be cut to size if needed.


Kickstands are secretly a really useful thing to have on your bike. They allow you to prop your bike up anywhere really easily. They are an ideal feature to have on your bike if you enjoy bike touring or you carry heavy loads on your bicycle.

Above we have given you a list of the best bike kickstands you can buy right now. Now there is no excuse for lying your bike on the ground ever again.

Overall, the kickstands that I mentioned here are the best bicycle kickstands on the market in 2023.

Another one of the Best Bike Touring Gear Reviews from BikeHikeSafari.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Bike Kickstands Universal?

No, when you are purchasing your kickstand, you need to make sure that it will fit. Sometimes some kickstands have been made to allow mount properly and work properly with bikes or bike racks of the same makes.

A lot of bike kickstands are universal, but you always need to make sure, so that you don’t buy a kickstand that doesn’t fit your bike.

What Side Of My Bike Does A Kickstand Go On?

You will find that most kickstands are on the left side of your bike. This is because most bikes naturally lean to the right, as more is attached to the right side of your bike. Therefore, the kickstand normally goes on the left side.

Is a Bicycle Kickstand worth it?

Bicycle Kickstands are usually quite cheap, reasonably easy to fit, and a much better option than laying your bike on the ground. For most people, the small amount of money spent on a bike stand is worth it.

Best Bicycle Kickstand

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