Best Bike Frame Bags

Bike Frame Bags

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This is a gear review about the best bike frame bags for Bikepacking 2024.

If you were to invest in the best bike frame bag for your bike, your gear will be nicely balanced and positioned along the center of your bike. And it will be accessible when needed.

Frame bags are very popular for carrying lightweight Bikepacking gear and many long-distance cyclists are moving towards using frame bags instead of using the space inside the triangle of the frame to only carry a couple of water bottles.

Many years ago I made the move away from bottle holders and started using a bike frame bag and enjoyed the easy access to gear and the ability to load it full of gear when needed.

Bikepacking frame bags are often used in conjunction with other bikepacking bags such as Top Tube Bags, Seat Post Bags, and Handlebar Bags. Keep reading to learn which Frame Bags are best for you.

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How We Tested

The Frame Bags in this review have been extensively evaluated and researched by the expert author who has many years of experience in Bike Touring and Bikepacking. The author has been using custom frame bags for more than 30,000 miles of cycling through more than 20 countries around the world. The research, testing, and experience of the author have combined to present this honest and unbiased review of the best bikepacking frame bags for 2024. Read the Review Policy for further details.

Best Frame Bags for Bikepacking 2024

The Best Frame Bags for Bikepacking in 2024 are:

Best Bike Frame Bag 2024 – Overall

Ortlieb 6L Frame Bag

Ortlieb 6L Frame Bag Review

> Waterproof
> Quality zippers
> Choice of sizes to fit most frames
> Premium product at a premium price
> Like so many products at the moment there are supply issues :(

The Ortlieb Frame Pack is a completely waterproof frame bag that is one of only a few in this review that I would trust to put anything in that could be damaged by water. If you are looking for a waterproof Bikepacking frame bag then this is it.

Ortlieb Frame Packs come in a couple of different sizes that you can match to the size of your frame. There are 3 attachment points on the top bar of the frame and multiple adjustable options for attaching it to the vertical section of the frame triangle.

The full-frame bag has only one pocket and one zip so there are no options to separate items within the bag. For most people this is fine. If you are wanting several pockets to separate the storage of items then you will need to look elsewhere.

Overall, this is a well-made frame bag and the best waterproof frame bag for Bikepacking that is on the market at the moment.

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Best Bikepacking Frame Bag

Revelate design Ripio Frame Bag

Revelate design Ripio Frame Bag Review

> Makes the most of available space
> Excellent zippers that reduce stress
> Several Velcro connection points
> Premium product at a premium price

This is a super popular bike bag and well-loved and well-used within the Bikepacking community and for use as mountain bike frame bags.

This bike frame bag makes great use of the triangle of space underneath the top tube.

The waterproof zips on this pack are great and do a good job dealing with all the mud and dirt that will find its way onto the bag. They feature stretch Cordura to reduce zipper stress when opening and closing.

You attach the frame bag securely to the bike frame using several movable Velcro straps. There’s a handy zippered pocket on the left-hand side which is perfect for stashing smaller items such as keys.

And there’s also an exit port in the main compartment for a hydration tube if you wanted to stick a hydration bladder in there. I regularly store heavy water in frame bags and I’m a big fan of this feature.

The material of the frame bag is waterproof but the stitching isn’t seam sealed and water will get into the bag during heavy rain.

It’s available in several different sizes, specifically small, medium, large, and extra large. For a full breakdown of the dimensions of these sizes, please click on “Check price”. This will open the product page on another tab, and from there you can view the size chart.

Overall, this is one of the best Bikepacking frame bags on the market and has stood the test of time. Very highly recommended.

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Best Half Frame Bag

Ortlieb Frame Pack Toptube Slate

Ortlieb Frame Pack Toptube Slate review

> Easily accommodates tent poles, bike pump, and more
> Perfect half-frame bag for bikes with limited triangle space or if you want to keep a water bottle and holder on your frame
> Several connection points for secure attachment
> This is such a popular item that online retailers often run out of stock

With its 4-liter capacity, length of 19 inches, height of 5 inches, and depth of 2 inches, the Ortlieb Frame Pack Toptube Slate can easily accommodate long items such as tent poles and a bike pump, under the top tube. This is a good option for gravel bikes, road bikes, or full-suspension bikes with limited space.

This is the perfect half-frame bag for those who have limited triangle space. And, at the same time, leaving you with room to attach water bottles to the other parts of the bike’s triangle. It has a universal fit, designed to be attached to almost any bike frame. And will fit most full-suspension mountain bikes.

The half-frame bag will remain snug and secure on the bike frame, with three connection points to attach to the top tube via Velcro, along with Velcro straps on the two ends to secure to the other tubes.

The half-frame bag also has impressive water resistance – not only is the material itself 100% waterproof, but the zipper is also waterproof.

It’s quite a lightweight bike bags at just 6 ounces.

Overall, this is the best half frame bag on the market and best suited to Bikepackers or cycle tourers with limited space on the inside triangle of the frame or someone wanting to keep one of the water bottles attached to the frame. Highly recommended.

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Best Full Frame Bag

Revelate designs Hopper frame bag

Revelate designs Hopper frame bag review

> Can be opened one-handed
> Universal size for universal fit
> High water & abrasion resistance
> Only available in one size

What I love about this bike frame bag is how it doesn’t feature any zips. Don’t get me wrong I like zips but they are the weak point in any frame bag. They can and do break given enough time. Instead of zips, it’s got a magnetic closure on the right-hand side, that you can access one handed to remove or add contents from the frame bag.

It has a universal fit, which means that it will fit most bikes. It has the following dimensions, the top tube length is 11 inches, a down tube length of 12 inches, a head tube length of 2 inches, and a rear height of 7 inches.

It really makes the most of the available space in the bike’s frame, and has a full 4-liter capacity, so you can fit all sorts in there. I like how the closure works regardless of whether the bike bags are empty or full to the brim.

The material is water and abrasion-resistant. In fact, it’s twice as abrasion resistant as most of its counterparts. There are 5 adjustable attachment points to fasten the bag securely to the bike frame.

It’s quite lightweight at just 6 ounces. And the other great thing about this bag is that it’s really competitively priced, despite coming from one of the more high-end brands in the business.

Overall, this is another one of the best full frame bags in 2024.

Compare Prices:

Best Budget Frame Bag

Blackburn Outpost Elite Frame Bike Bag

Blackburn Outpost Elite Frame Bike Bag review

> Ultralight weight
> Waterproof
> Several different compartments
> Exit port for a hydration hose
> The zippers require a lot of force to zip up

This is an excellent bike frame bag from Blackburn.

I like the fact that there are several compartments in this frame bag. In addition to the long zip running near the top on the right-hand side, there’s also a zip near the bottom, so you can easily access smaller items that have fallen to the bottom of the bag. Great for heavy tool and spares or maybe a small water bladder or food.

There are also two exterior pockets on the right-hand side, so you can access gear without having to fiddle around with any zips.

It also features an exit port for a hydration hose, and you can easily fit a hydration bladder in the bag. The fabric of the bicycle bag is 100% waterproof, and the zippers are 100% waterproof too.

I’m impressed by the use of nine connection points to the bike frame.

It’s available in 4 different sizes. This includes a small, a medium-short, a medium-tall, and a large. To see the precise dimensions, please click on “Check price” below.

Overall, this is one of the best full-frame bags for Bikepacking at a reasonable price.

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Best Full Suspension Frame Bag

Revelate Designs Full Suspension Frame Bag

Revelate Designs Full Suspension Frame Bag review

> Lightweight
> Weather Resistant
> Perfect for most Full Suspension mountain bikes
> Not much room for storage

If you have a full-suspension mountain bike and looking for a frame bag then the Revelate Designs Full Suspension Frame Bag is the option for you.

The bag is lightweight, weather resistant, and has enough room for the basics when you are out on your next mountain bike trip. If you are one of the rare people who go on multi-day Bikepacking trips with a full-suspension bike then it will be your best option.

Overall, the Revelate Designs Full Suspension Frame Bag is the best option for MTB with rear suspension.

Compare Prices:

Bikepacking Framebag Comparison Table

Ortlieb 6L Frame Pack4L, 6L8.1 ozYes
Revelate Designs Ripio Frame Bag5L, 6L, 8L, 9L8 ozNo
Ortlieb Frame Pack Toptube Slate 3L, 4L6 ozYes
Revelate Designs Hopper frame bag4L6 ozNo
Blackburn Outpost Elite Frame Bike Bag3.3L, 3.6L, 5.1L, 6.7L8.7 ozNo
Revelate Designs Full Suspension Frame Bag2,5L, 3L, 4.1L7.2 ozNo
Source: Manufacturers


Your first and foremost consideration will be whether or not the bike frame bag will fit on your particular bike. This is important because although many bikes have a universal shape and design, they aren’t always the same.

The Bikepacking frame bags mentioned in the gear review will fit most common frame sizes but some frames such as very large frames or mountain bike frames may not be able to fit the bike frame bag. Many custom bike frame companies can make a frame bag specific to almost any type of frame size. And these could be better suited to some people.


Ideally, you want the bike frame bag to look just as good as the bike itself. But this is certainly quite low on the list of most important features.

And with that in mind, where applicable, we have referred to the different color options available in each bag we’ve reviewed. In most cases, the frame bag looks great if you love the color black.

On the subject of appearance, it’s always good to have reflective strips on your bike frame bag to aid visibility in low-light conditions. Some people may not like this feature when trying to stealth camp out of sight of others.


Ok, we’re going to level with you here. Bike frame bags don’t usually offer a great amount of storage space, due to the minimal space they have to be squeezed into. 4 to 6 liters is the normal amount of space inside a bike frame bag.

But we would argue that your bike frame bag should be at least big enough to house your tent poles, bike pump, water bladder, some bike tools, and maybe some food or clothing such as rain gear.

Water Resistance

Even though your bike frame naturally has some protection from rainfall thanks to the bike frame itself, this protection is minimal in most cases. Rain is often accompanied by wind, and no matter what, most bike frame bags will get wet in the rain. There are some exceptions to this such as the Ortlieb Frame Bag.

For this reason, it is my view that most bike frame bags should not be merely shower resistant, but 100% waterproof. There have been many Bikepackers that have learned the hard way that frame bags are not waterproof.

Secure Fastening

It’s also very important that your bike frame bag remains securely attached to the bike’s frame throughout every journey you make.

The last thing you want is to be fiddling around with straps and have a frame bag that just doesn’t fit onto the bike. Most of the frame bags have some sort of adjustment in the way that straps fit the frame. Nice to know that the frame bag will not interfere with the function of the bike in any way or stop you from mounting other storage bags such as cockpit bags etc.

Value for Money

Cheaper does not always translate to better value for money.

If you were to waste your money on a cheaper, inferior product, you will have to invest in a brand-new one before you know it. I have tried to only list the best bicycle frame bags on the market and have tried to avoid any that would be crappy quality.

But I understand that most people have to work within a budget, which is why I recommend checking prices as you go along.


Here are the best frame bags for bicycles 2024:

Another one of the Best Bike Touring Gear Reviews from BikeHikeSafari.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Bicycle Frame Bag?

A bicycle frame bag is basically any bicycle bag that fits and is secured under the top tube of the bike. They can either run in a line parallel to the top tube, or they can take up that whole triangle of space in the bike’s frame. The main advantage of this type of bike bag is just how well it helps to keep the bike balanced and stable, lowering its center of gravity.

Are Frame Bags Useful?

A bike frame bag can be very useful. You’ll be surprised just how much stuff you can fit into one. And it’s perfect for carrying a hydration bladder in because it means that you haven’t got to stop and reach behind you to access your water. Moreover, most bike frame bags feature an opening that allows you to access your gear one-handed without having to uninstall the bag.

Which Bike Bag Is Best?

If you’re going to go for a bike frame bag, it is recommended to take a look at the Ortlieb 6L Frame Pack or the Revelate design Ripio Frame Bag. There’s a size for most bikes, and they have excellent zippers.

Frame Bags for Bikepacking

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