Atigan PassHi there, I’m Brad McCartney from Australia. I set up BikeHikeSafari to document my life as an Adventure Cyclist, Hiker, Photographer and Nature Lover. My dream is to cycle and hike the most amazing places on the planet. Do you want to know what it is like to Cycle to the most northern road in Alaska? Or hike with Grizzly Bears in Montana? What about cycling through the drug cartel lands of Mexico? Or what it takes to hike across the USA on the PCT or CDT or Appalachian Trail, carrying minimal equipment? If you ever wondered what the most amazing places in the world might look like, then join me. I recently finished hiking the 3000km Te Araroa trail in New Zealand.

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About Brad McCartney

Is this not the coolest place to go for a ride? Denali Hwy, Alaska.February 2014 I took a one year leave of absence from my job as a Police Officer in the Northern Territory of Australia. I planned to hike and cycle my way around the Island State of Tasmania before heading to Alaska. The plan was to hike, cycle and paddle my way south on the backroads and scenic byways. I was sad when that journey ended, wanted more. It became my dream to  live my life full time on the road. Exploring, learning new things, seeing new places.

I returned back to my home in Darwin, Australia. Within 10 weeks I quit my job, sold all my possessions and set off for a life full of adventures. All my possessions either fit into my backpack when I was hiking or onto my pannier bags on my bicycle. I understood what it meant to be free.

I continued with my cycling journey along the USA coast into Mexico spending time on remote backroads when possible. So far I’ve cycled over 35000km. One day I will make it bottom of the world in Argentina, completing my self propelled journey of the Americas. I have no time limit to complete the journey.

Brad McCartney

I also followed my passion of hiking. In 2015 I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, the next year, in 2016, I hiked the Continental Divide Trail. Finally, in 2017 I completed the Triple Crown of hiking by completing the third long trail, the Appalachian Trail. 2018-2019 saw me complete yet another long distance thru hike, the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand. In total I’ve hiked almost 16000km.

Why did I really start this journey?

Several years ago I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A frustrating disease. It started as a sore throat. Soon I was unable to get myself out of bed. There were good days. I was still able to work, although it was restricted by my lack of energy. It was a necessary but evil time in my life. It gave me the strength and motivation to live a full life. I kept dreaming. The seeds for my journey were sewn by seeking out Hiking and Cycling blogs to read and inspire me. I hoped one day I would be able to do a journey that might inspire other. So here I am. Never lose hope.

How do I finance my trip?

I have no trust fund and never received an inheritance. I worked hard and saved harder. My goal has always been to live within my means. Never spending more than I had, never living a flashy lifestyle. This cheapskate lifestyle gave me the ability to live cheaply and save money quickly. I am a former Police Officer who spent a lot of his career in remote areas. The pay was good and the ability to spend it was nil. I saved a lot of money. I used this money to pay off mortgages. It is this property that I rent out that pays me a small monthly income. And I mean small. As long as I live cheaply I can stay on the road.

How long will you travel for?Sunset in the middle of Death Valley

I have no idea. Maybe 5 years, maybe less, maybe more. For me the journey is the destination and the journey often takes me to the unknown. For example, I couldn’t tell you where I will be next month. I do have dreams, plans and goals on where I want to be and what I want to experience. I do aim to live my dreams.

So drop by and say hello.

Living the Dream,

Brad McCartney

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