About BikeHikeSafari and Brad (Shepherd) McCartney

Hi there, I’m Brad McCartney from Australia. I set up BikeHikeSafari to document my life as an Adventure Cyclist, Hiker, Photographer and Nature Lover. Somehow it turned into so much more than that and is now a resource for all thing Hiking, Backpacking, Thru Hiking, Bikepacking and Bicycle Touring. With a combination of hiking gear reviews, gear lists, info on hiking trails and bicycle touring destination guides.

I started this website by accident after suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I quit my career as a Police Officer and followed my dream to cycle and hike the most amazing places on the planet and was looking for some way to document my journey.

Do you want to know what it is like to Cycle to the most northern road in Alaska? Or hike with Grizzly Bears in Montana? What about cycling through the drug cartel lands of Mexico? Or what it takes to hike across the USA on the PCT or CDT or Appalachian Trail, carrying minimal equipment?

I continued with my cycling journey along the USA coast into Mexico spending time on remote backroads when possible. So far I’ve cycled over 35,000km. One day I will make it bottom of the world in Argentina, completing my self propelled journey of the Americas.

I also followed my passion of hiking. I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and the Appalachian Trail, thus completing the Hiking Triple Crown. I have also thru hiked the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand. In total I’ve hiked almost 16,000km in 5 years!

As time went on I am looking to pass on my knowledge and sense of adventure to others in the form of Hiking Gear Reviews and Bicycle Touring Gear Reviews. Information and gear reviews written by someone who really knows about the gear and has spent a considerable amount of time in the outdoors using this gear.

When I’m not writing gear reviews and testing outdoor gear I manage a multinational retail store that specialises in Outdoor Gear. Yes, I am a gear nerd.

Currently living in Sydney, Australia.

Hope you enjoy the site, keep in contact.


Brad (Shepherd) McCartney