Review Policy

BikeHikeSafari Review Policy

Here is the current review policy for BikeHikeSafari which is updated from time to time. Last updated November 2023.

  1. We research all the best-in-class products related to the article that will be written. The research process can take anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days. The full testing of gear can take weeks and in some cases years when conducting long-term durability testing of outdoor gear.
  2. Once the list of products to be reviewed is narrowed down to the best of the best, usually some but not all of the products are acquired to test and review.
  3. Many items are supplied free of charge from the manufacturer and some are paid for by BikeHikeSafari. Due to the very high cost of acquiring some items it is not always economically viable to purchase all the items to be reviewed.
  4. Any items supplied free of charge are supplied with the caveat that BikeHikeSafari has complete editorial independence and the reviews will be the opinion of the author and the team at BikeHikeSafari.
  5. BikeHikeSafari will never receive payment for reviews from manufacturers or other third parties. This means no sponsored posts or payment to publish a review.
  6. BikeHikeSafari reserves the right to only publish a review of an item if the product is of good quality and performs well in the given field. Sending products is no guarantee of publication. We prefer to write positive reviews of quality items than write a review about how unsuitable or poor quality a product is.
  7. Free Gear sent to BikeHikeSafari is expected to be kept by the team as compensation for the many hours of research, testing, and writing of the review. If this is not the case the company sending the product will need to advise this in writing prior to sending the product.
  8. Gear will be tested and reviewed in the field by experts and they will be honest about their experiences based on their expert opinions. Most of the time these reviews will take an extended period of time between receiving the item and publishing the review.
  9. Gear that is reviewed will be ranked on the opinion of the expert author. Usually, that means there will be a best overall, best ultralight or lightweight, and best budget options. We are gear nerds and love nothing more than getting our hands dirty with hiking and cycling gear.
  10. We accept feedback for any published inaccuracies but will not change reviews that we believe to be factually correct after testing and reviewing the gear.
  11. Articles will be updated on a regular basis, usually seasonally every 6 months or year. This will ensure only currently available products are listed. It is an exhaustive process to completely update and in some cases completely rewrite articles. Due to the very time-consuming nature of product review updates, there will be times when articles will take longer to update. We try our best.
  12. BikeHikeSafari is a free resource and at this stage does not accept any on-page advertising. We make our money via affiliate marketing. If you purchase a product after clicking a link on our website, we may make a small commission at no cost to you. The retailer pays us, not you. This is how we keep this resource free.
  13. Does your company produce high-quality outdoor gear within the following niches, Hiking, Backpacking, Thru Hiking, Ultralight Hiking, Bikepacking, and Bike Touring? If so, awesome, please get in contact with the Editor Brad McCartney via the Contact Page. Please ensure you have read all the points mentioned above. Keep in mind we are outdoor experts and very picky about the gear we review, so not all items will be suitable for review.