HIking the Pacific Crest Trail

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

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Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail ranks as the single best experience I have had in my life. The 2660 mile (4286km) trail that runs from the Mexico Border to Canada.It traverses dry Californian deserts, high alpine mountains and wet rainforests. There is no other hike like it the entire world.

Blogging and Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

While hiking the Pacific Crest Trail I kept a daily journal. Below are all those entries. Each entry relates my experiences of the day both good and bad. Each entry also contains a selection of photos that I took on the that day. If you are planning on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail then you might find the posts of interest. If you never plan on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail then you might get the feel for what it is like to spend 21 weeks hiking in nature.

Pacific Crest Trail Gear

Every year thru hiking gear is better. When I hiked the PCT I used quality gear that lasted quite well. I was happy with most of my gear. In recent years I have updated my gear list and compiled a complete guide to the best gear for Thru Hiking. 

Pacific Crest Trail Gear List

You need to read about all the best gear available for Thru Hiking:
Best Lightweight Backpacks for 2021
Best Lightweight Tents for 2021
Best Lightweight Sleeping Bags and Quilts for 2021
Lightweight Sleeping Pads 2021
Lightweight Down Jackets 2021
My Current Lightweight Gear List

Pre Hike Information on the Pacific Crest Trail

The first thing any hiker will need to do is get hold of some quality maps. Halfmile PCT Maps and Guthook are the two best options for maps.

Resupply Strategy
PCT Hiking Gear List with weights
An Aussie Hiking the PCT
Training, shakedowns and the PCT

Pacific Crest Trail Southern Californian Desert

Day 1 – The Beginning (15.3)
Day 2 – It’s the little things 18.7 miles (33.9)
Day 3 – Blooming High Desert 18.8 miles (52.7)
Day 4 – The heat was hot 22.3 miles (75)
Day 5 – Up to the Water Cache 19.5 miles (94.5)
Day 6 – Camping Fail 15 miles (109.5)
Day 7 – It’s called a Zero (109.5)
Day 8 – It’s Called Nero (118.4)
Day 9 – Sleep is Good (140)

Day 10 – To Paradise (161.2)
Day 11 – Idyllwild (170.2)
Day 12 – Above 10000 feet (187.6)
Day 13 – Ziggy and The Bear (210.9)
Day 14 – My First Marathon Hike (238.1)
Day 15 – Walking Like a Robot (261.7)
Day 16 – What Happens in a Trail Town
Day 17 – Trapped in the Vortex
Day 18 Back on Track
Day 19 The Springs are Hot
Day 20 Camping Fail 2
Day 21 The McStorm
Day 22 Hiking in a Snowstorm
Day 23 Climbing Mt Baden-Powell
Day 24 A Day of Trail Angels
Day 25 Pushing through the Pain
Day 26 Bobcats and Hot Tubs
Day 27 Geographically Misplaced
Day 28 Desert Rain
Day 29 Miles and Smiles

Day 30 Pain and Trail Magic
Day 31 Fatigue Sets In
Day 32 Chillaxing
Day 33 Mobil Blogging and Recharging
Day 34 Do More With Less
Day 35 Return to the Desert
Day 36 Emotional Rollercoaster
Day 37 Cloudforests and Rattlesnakes
Day 38 Happy Endings
Day 39 Milestones
Day 40 Bears in the Desert
Day 41 Californian Deserts
Day 42 The Vortex

Pacific Crest Trail – The Sierra

Day 43 Into the Sierras
Day 44 Above 10000 feet
Day 45 Running Out of Food
Day 46 Mountains and Meadows
Day 47 Climbing Mt Whitney (14505 feet)
Day 48 Forester Pass (13098ft)
Day 49 Kearsarge Pass (11760ft)
Day 50 Lone Pine
Day 51 Thunderstorms, Bears and 2 Cubs
Day 52 Hardest Day Yet
Day 53 Mather Pass
Day 54 Muir Pass
Day 55 Rain but Pain Free
Day 56 Seldon Pass and Bear Creek
Day 57 Thunderstorms and Mountain Passes
Day 58 Run to Town
Day 59 Mammoth Zero Day
Day 60 S’mores and Lakes
Day 61 The Lakes
Day 62 Tuolumne Meadows
Day 63 The John Muir Trail
Day 64 Back on the PCT
Day 65 It’s Harder than it looks
Day 66 Hike Naked Day
Day 67 1000 miles
Day 68 Sonora Pass
Day 69 The Lone Bear Cub
Day 70 Smoke and Magic
Day 71 Weight Loss
Day 72 To Echo Lake

Pacific Crest Trail – Northern California

Day 73 South Lake Tahoe
Day 74 Double Zero
Day 75 Desolation Wilderness
Day 76 Another Marathon
Day 77 The Thunder Rolls
Day 78 Blooming Storms
Day 79 4th July Fireworks
Day 80 Northern California Blues
Day 81 Going Solo
Day 82 Warm Water Swimming
Day 83 Lightning Strikes
Day 84 The Climb
Day 85 Halfway to Canada
Day 86 Chester
Day 87 The Reunion
Day 88 Old Station
Day 89 The Virtues of Thru Hiking
Day 90 The Call of the Wild
Day 91 It’s Getting Hot
Day 92 Ridgetop Hiking
Day 93 Stunning Views
Day 94 Exhaustion Sets in
Day 95 The Castle Crags Vortex
Day 96 Tropic Thunder
Day 97 One of the best days yet
Day 98 Trinity Alps Wilderness
Day 99 Loving Northern California
Day 100 Chill and Karma
Day 101-103 A rest for my Birthday
Day 104 The Wonders of Night Hiking
Day 105 Hottest Day so far
Day 106 The Magic of The Trail
Day 107 Goodbye California, Hello Oregon

Pacific Crest Trail – Oregon

Day 108 Onwards in Oregon
Day 109 All you can eat = Bad day of Hiking
Day 110 The Oregon PCT Superhighway
Day 111 Lava, Hucklberries and Blueberries
Day 112 Smashing Miles
Day 113 To Crater Lake
Day 114 Magical Trail
Day 115 The Enchanted Forest
Day 116 Oregon Lakes
Day 117 A Long Day
Day 118 The Lava Fields
Day 119 I Just Hiked 2000 Miles
Day 120 Mt Jefferson
Day 121 40 Miles
Day 122 To Timberline Lodge
Day 123 No sleep makes for a slow day
Day 124 Eagle Creek Trail
Day 125 Threatened by fire

Pacific Crest Trail – Washington

Day 126 Entering Washington
Day 127 Reunions on Trail
Day 128 Mimosas
Day 129 Is this the end of the trail?
Day 130 Mt Adams fire detour
Day 131 Goat Rocks Wilderness
Day 132 White Pass
Day 133 Rain and Mountain
Day 134 The Calm before the storm
Day 135 Hiking in Rainstorms
Day 136 Reminds me of Tasmania
Day 137 More Wet Weather
Day 138 Lovely Washington
Day 139 Camping in Snow
Day 140 The PCT Has Reopened
Day 141 Simply Stunning Scenery
Day 142 Hardest Day on the PCT
Day 143 A day with no rain!
Day 144 Into and out of Stehiken
Day 145 Blue Sky at Rainy Pass
Day 146 Harts Pass
Day 147 I just hiked from Mexico to Canada on the PCT

After the Pacific Crest Trail

Thru Hiking Gear Review
Tips for Hiking the PCT
PCT – The Video

Where to buy all the best gear for hiking:
REI | Moosejaw |Amazon
| Backcountry.com
Traveling Overseas to go Hiking?
World Nomads Travel Insurance

Are you planning on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail? What are your biggest fears?
Leave me a message in the comments section below.

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