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Gear Reviews

All the best thru hiking, backpacking and hiking gear reviews.

Other Gear Reviews

I have also started to do individual gear reviews.

The list is small at the moment. I expect by the end of the year there will be a load of informational guides on great hiking and backpacking gear.

Below is a list of in-depth gear guides that I have personally tested. When I write these individual guides I do not accept payment from companies. The reviews are the truth in my opinion after I have tested the gear.

OK, so there are not many detailed reviews at the moment but that will change in the coming weeks and months as I’m hard at work trying to test and write the best backpacking gear guides on the internet.

Gear Review Coming Soon

Below are a list of gear reviews I’m working on at the moment. Stay tuned as they will be published soon.

  • Macpac Icefall Down Jacket
  • Sawyer Water Filters
  • Hiking Socks