2 years of travel

Statistics and Maps

Cycling, Hiking and Paddling my way around the world since February 2014

Total Distance of Human Powered Travel: 49493km (30754 miles)

Where am I now (Updated January 2021)

Current Location = Sydney, Australia

Red Line = Hiking
Blue Line = Cycling
Yellow Line = Canoeing
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Cycling stats

Kilometers Cycled = 32690km (20313 miles)
Number of days cycling = 470
Longest distance cycled in 1 day = 161km (100 miles)
Highest point reached by bike = 4194m (13760ft) Nevado de Tuluca, Mexico
Most ascended in 1 day = 2541 vertical meters, Tioga Pass, California
Steepest grade road ridden = 31.5% grade, Filbert St, San Francisco
Fastest speed by bike (downhill) = 90km/h (56 mph) down Tioga Pass, California
Number of flat tyres = 36
Number of tyres destroyed or worn out = 6

Hiking Stats

Kilometers Hiked = 15930km (9898 miles)
Number of days hiking = 620
Number of shoes worn out = 11
Thru Hikes Completed = 4
Pacific Crest Trail
Continental Divide Trail
Appalachian Trail
Te Araroa Trail
Longest Distance hiked in 1 day = 67km (42miles)
Highest point reached by foot = 4461m (14636ft) Volcán La Malinche, Mexico

On the Water Stats

Number of days Canoeing or Kayaking = 16
Kilometers by Canoe or Kayak = 873km (542 miles)
Longest distance covered in 1 day = 109km
Rivers Canoed = 2
Yukon River, Canada
Whanganui River, New Zealand

Other stats

Longest number of days without a shower = 13
Furthest North visited = Barrow, Alaska. 71 degrees north.
Hottest Temp = 43C (109F)  Day 105 on the PCT
Coldest Temp = -12C (10F) Bryce Canyon National Park and Day 149 CDT