Best Bike Phone Holder and Mounts 2024

Best Bike Phone Mount

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This is a gear review about the best bike phone holders and mounts for 2024.

If you’re anything like me, you love cycling. And sometimes you might find yourself riding your bike and wanting to check the GPS on your phone or check messages you’ve received. While some cyclists prefer to use a high quality Bike Computer with GPS, more and more cyclists are using their phones and Cycling Apps. That’s when a good quality cycle phone mount comes in handy.

Let’s take a look at the best bike phone mounts for 2024.

How We Tested

All the Bike Phone Mounts in this review have been extensively evaluated and researched by the expert author who has many years of experience in Bike Touring and Bikepacking. Some of the Phone Holders were purchased or supplied by the manufacturer and rigorously tested by the author in all kinds of weather. The research, testing, and experience of the author have combined to come up with the Best Bike Phone Mounts for 2023. Read the Review Policy for further details.

Best Bike Phone Mounts for Cycling 2024

The Best Bike Phone Mounts for Cycling:

Best Bike Phone Holder – Overall

Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount

Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount


> Affordable and good value for money
> Excellent customer service
> Convenient positioning, size & rotation
> You get edge-to-edge screen visibility
> Secure yet easy to install and detach

> Some people have found it tricky to get their phone into the mount

The Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount is one of the most secure and convenient phone holders you’ll find anywhere.

The positioning of the Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount is really good, because it’s just next to the bike handlebar, and whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, this means that it can be put close to your hands for easy access. Perfect when you want to enlarge a map.

The Wraptor provides edge-to-edge screen visibility and doesn’t leave the screen obscured.

It also stretches to fit a smartphone of any size, which is handy if you think you might change your phone in the future. And you can view the screen in either portrait or landscape view.

It has a universal mounting strap that’s compatible with the large majority of handlebars. (You could also attach it to strollers or grocery carts, which is good to know.)

It has a durable construction, made with durable silicone and with a watch-like method of fastening. It’s easy to install, and you won’t need any special tools or hardware to install it. Plus, if you ever wish to remove it for security purposes, it’s easily removed.

Overall, the Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount is one of the best smartphone holders for cycling and is very popular with cyclists.

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Best Bike Phone Holder – Runner Up

Shapeheart Magnetic Phone Holder

Shapeheart Magnetic Phone Mount

> Strong Magnetic Mount
> Good solid mounting option on the bars or stem
> Very good value for money
> Case allows you to use the touchscreen on the phone while riding
> Case is not completely waterproof as it only closes with a flap
> Included cell phone case is not 100% waterproof

The Shapeheart Magnetic Phone Holder represents one of the best options when it comes to value for money without being cheap.

The Shapeheart Magnetic Phone Holder is a magnetic mounting system that can be mounted on the stem or handlebars of your bicycle. It comes complete with a weatherproof bike phone mount bag.

There is a small opening flap on the rear of the case that cannot be sealed preventing it from being completely waterproof. If this flap could be sealed and closed this cell phone mount would be in the top spot. And I also found the magnet to almost be too strong at holding the phone in place.

I tested this unit on my mountain bike on gravel roads and fire trails. The mounting system and magnet worked well as a handlebar mount or as a stem mount on rough terrain. While I didn’t try to do any ‘Red Bull’ style jumps I found the system to work well at protecting the phone. This phone mount gave me confidence that the phone would fall off easily.

Overall, the Shapeheart Magnetic Phone Holder is one of the best smartphone bike mount systems. While there are other items on the list that are cheaper, this represents great value for money.

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Best Cell Phone Mount System

Quad Lock Out Front Mount Pro Bicycle Mount

Quad Lock Out Front Mount Pro Bicycle Mount


> Low profile, designed for aerodynamics
> Compatible with all Quad Lock Cases and Universal Adapters
> Optional action camera adapter also available

> This is one of Quad Lock’s most expensive models
> Doesn’t come with a Quad Lock case or adapter, you’d have to buy them separately

What I love about the Quad Lock Out Front Mount Pro Bicycle Mount is that it’s designed to position the phone directly in front of you. Perfect for a quick glance without having to look slightly to the left or right.

The Quad Lock Out Front Mount Pro Bicycle Mount is also one of the most secure phone holders out there, thanks to the patented two-stage, spring-loaded locking mechanism.

What’s more, it’s not just for regular bikes, you can also use it on your motorbike, car, or even your desk. It’s quick and easy to attach and detach your phone, which is perfect if you need to grab your phone quickly for whatever reason.

It has a good, solid, yet lightweight construction, having been made with a super rigid anodized aluminum arm, partnered with stainless steel hardware.

Overall, the Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount Pro is one of the best phone holders for cycling.

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Best Smartphone Mount for Cycling

Quad Lock Stem/Handlebar Bike Mount Kit


> Couldn’t be more secure thanks to the patented two-stage lock
> Comes with a complimentary Quad Lock MAG Phone case
> Fits stems and handlebars of between 25 and 40 mm diameter
> It’s easy to install, and also easy to attach and detach your phone

> Premium product at a premium price
> Price only includes the mount, you need to buy the phone case separately.

The great thing about the Quad Lock Stem/Handlebar Bike Mount Kit for iPhone is that you can choose between attaching it to either the stem or the handlebars.

This is great if you haven’t used a phone holder on your bike before, and you’re not sure where you’d prefer it to be positioned. You could try it in one place, try it in another and see which you prefer.

The Quad Lock Stem/Handlebar Bike Mount Kit for iPhone has been specifically made for iPhones. For the full list of compatible iPhones, please refer to the product page.

It fits a wide range of differently sized stem or handlebars, from 25 mm diameter up to 40 mm.

And, with this phone holder, not only do you get all the hardware you need to install it as well as the mount itself, but you also get a complimentary slim, protective Quad Lock MAG iPhone case.

This case has a tough, polycarbonate core, and an impact resistant TPU edge-to-edge outer shell, so you don’t need to worry about it getting accidentally knocked.

You can still view and use your iPhone while it’s in this case, and detach it whenever you need to, such as when you stop to switch apps or take a call.

Despite its tough case, the case is surprisingly slim, and you should still be able to slide it into your jeans pocket when you disembark. You can also buy a compatible “poncho” to sit over your phone as you ride to protect your phone from the rain.

The whole phone screen is visible while mounted, with none of it obscured from view. This is thanks to the patented two-stage lock, which will keep your iPhone securely attached to your bike at all times.

Overall, the Quad Lock’s is one of the strongest and most secure phone holders in this review.

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Best Budget Bike Phone Holder

Roam Adjustable Bike Phone Mount

Roam Adjustable Bike Phone Mount


> You can rotate your phone a full 360 degrees
> You can position your phone anywhere on the handlebar
> It has a universal fit for just about any smartphone
> It’s easy to attach and detach
> It’s great value for money

> The corners of your phone screen are obscured by the silicone net

Where the Roam Adjustable phone bike mount really stands out is in just how easy it is to attach and detach your phone from the mount, using a premium quality silicone net. This net is heavy-duty and weather-friendly.

But, fear not, the silicone net is not the only thing keeping your phone secure as you ride, it’s in addition to a premium plastic grip.

And that’s not all – the Roam Adjustable Bike Phone Mount also offers 360-degree rotation, which is perfect if you’re looking at maps on your phone as you ride, and you need to adjust your view of it. You can adjust it on the go.

It has a universal fit, and will fit phones up to 3.6 inches wide, including several of the latest iPhone and Samsung models. You position it on the handlebars, and you can have it sitting as close to the center or as close to your hand as you like.

The mount has an impact-resistant grip and a good locking feature to keep your phone secure and stable. It fits handlebars between 7/8″ and 1-1/4″ in diameter.

Overall, the Roam Adjustable Bike Phone Mount is a good budget bike phone holder for cyclists.

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Best MTB Phone Mount

Rokform V4 Pro Series Bike Stem Phone Mount

Rokform V4 Pro Series Bike Stem Phone Mount


> You can tilt your phone up to 55 degrees
> It’s made with aircraft grade aluminum
> Secure, innovative locking system
> It’s made right here in the USA

> You either need to buy the Rokform case or a stick-on mount for it to work

The Rokform V4 Pro Series Bike Stem Phone Mount is another very popular cycling phone holder.

But what I really love about it is how you can tilt your phone on the go, from a very low and aerodynamic profile, up to 55 degrees.

The Rokform V4 Pro Series Bike Stem mount phone holder is made with military-grade and aircraft-grade aluminum for robust construction, and it’s also very lightweight.

It has a good, innovative locking system, featuring a quarter-turn system, combined with magnetic technology in order to keep your phone securely in place at all times. It’s easy to install and all the hardware and tools you need are included in the box when it arrives.

It’s made right here in the USA, specifically in Orange County, California.

Overall, the Rokform V4 Pro is a good quality smartphone holder for mountain biking.

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This should be the first and foremost thing to consider. How securely does the phone holder hold your smartphone? You probably paid hundreds of dollars for your smartphone, so you’re going to want to keep it secure at all times.

The bike mounts with a twist lock mechanism works very well but they tend to be the most expensive and require either a special phone case or stick on mount to add on the back of your phone or phone case.

Mounting system for a phone on a bike


Some bike phone holders are designed to provide a universal fit, but some are intended for handlebars and phones of certain sizes. And without a good fit, the phone will not be secure, so you need to ensure that you check the size and fit of your phone holder before you buy.

As mentioned above, some require that you buy a separate case for your phone to use the mount.


A key factor in determining which phone holder you go for will be where it will be positioned on your bike.

A handlebar mount means that you will have quick and easy access to your phone, whenever you want to answer or hang up on a call, put the speaker on speakerphone, or enlarge the image of the map you’re looking at.

On the other hand, a phone mounted on the stem of the bike has a very central position, which is best for your view of the road, giving you as full a view as possible, without having to turn your head too much to one side. And awareness of your surroundings is important when cycling.

bike phone holder mounted on the stem
Most phone mounts can be positioned on the stem or on the handlebars.


You need to be able to view the screen of your smartphone as you ride, but without it obscuring your view of the road ahead. Ideally, you will be able to view the whole screen and have none of the phone screen obscured from your vision.

You may also want to consider whether your smartphone can be rotated once attached, in case you’re confronted with glare from sunlight, and you need to prevent being blinded or simply be able to read the screen better.

Tough Yet Lightweight Construction

You need your phone holder to be tough and rugged, but anything that weighs too heavy is going to slow you down.

Easy Installation (Or Attach And Detach)

Depending on what type of phone holder you get, you may require hardware or tools to install the device. Usually, these are included in the box when it arrives.

However, some people like to be able to remove their phone or their phone holder quickly and easily at the drop of a hat. So, this could be something for you to look into.


The best brands for bike phone holders are, without a doubt, Quad Lock and Rokform. These brands produce top-quality products, and few imitations can hold your phone as securely.

That said, however, they do tend to cost considerably more than your cheaper phone mounts.

Value For Money

The real question here is not so much how affordable the gadget is, as whether it’s sufficiently good quality for the price. And I would always go with the best one you have the budget for.

Given how much you’ll have spent on your smartphone, going for a cheap phone holder that won’t hold your phone securely is a bad investment.

Bike phone holders can really vary in price, with some available for as little as $7, while others can cost as much as $140.

And the range of price is not just between different brands, but also between different retailers. So it’s worth taking the time to see which retailer offers the best deal.

Budget Stem mounted phone holder
Budget Stem mounted phone holder


So, my number one pick would be the Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount, but if you’ve got an iPhone, you should get the Quad Lock Stem / Handlebar Bike Mount Kit for iPhone.

If mountain biking is your thing, however, then I’d recommend getting the Rokform V4 Pro, but if it’s a budget you’re most interested in, I would recommend the Shapeheart Magnetic Phone Holder or the Roam Adjustable Bike Phone Mount.

The Best Bike Phone Holders for Cycling:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Bike Phone Holder?

The best bike phone holder on the market is the Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount, it is simple, reasonably priced, and just works as promised.

How Do You Carry Your Phone While Riding A Bike?

The best way to carry your phone when on a bike is by using a dedicated phone mount. Alternatively, you may decide to keep it in a bike bag, or in an armband, but this is usually far from ideal, and you’d be much better off with a dedicated phone holder.

Should You Mount Your Phone On Your Bike?

Phone mounts are great for bicycles, but if you want one for a motorbike, you need to ensure that it’s a specialized vibration-dampening one.

Is Quad Lock Worth It?

Quad Lock is considered by many to be the benchmark that all others are judged by. They are tough and good quality.

Best Bike Phone Mount and Holder for Cyclists

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