Resupply on the CDT

Resupply on the CDT

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Resupply on the CDT. When Thru Hiking I like to resupply in towns where possible. Luckily I’m not a fussy eater. I can put up with average food for a short period of time. Resupply on the CDT can be difficult at times.

Like most thru hikers I start slowly with plenty of neros (low mileage days) and zeros. Possibly more than most. I’m fine with that.

When hiking and resupplying on the Continental Divide Trail you first need to get through the desert of New Mexico uninjured. Take your time.

By the time I reach Colorado I should ‘trail fit‘.

Bounce Box on the CDT

I post a Bounce Box when thru hiking. When I resupply on the Continental Divide trail I also used a bounce box. The bounce box contained my computer and other assorted things I may need while on the trail.

I would send it to places where I plan to have rest days. If I chose not to pick up the bounce box at the post office I would forward it to the next destination free of charge, hence the name, Bounce Box!

CDT Schedule

The resupply schedule below had me finishing the trail in about 21 weeks, including rest days. The snow in Colorado beat me up and slowed me down.

Illness in the form of Giardia, which I got in Colorado. Cryptosporidium made me ill and weak in Wyoming and Plantar Fasciitis caused immense pain later on in the trail. In fact, it took me several months to recover after I finished hiking

Having said that was neither foolish nor too proud to admit defeat. I bailed from the San Juan Mountains cause of dangerous snow conditions. And made unplanned stops many times to rest and recover. The trail is brutal.

You may be the same when thru hiking the CDT so don’t overplan your CDT resupply.

Hiking Food

Most small towns on the CDT have good backpacking food options. There are some, however, that are little more than a gas station. If you are a fussy hiker you may want to send food to many more places than mentioned below.


My normal meals consisted of high calorie oats for breakfast, usually 4 packets, with powder milk added. Washed down with a cup of coffee.


I like to mix up my lunch, sometimes it is cheese and salami inside a wrap, other times it is granola bars (sometimes mixed with either peanut butter). There are times when I don’t really eat lunch, I just continue eating snacks all day.


Packet pasta mixed with salami is a favourite. When I can get dehydrated refried beans (very common in New Mexico) I mix them with Doritos for a high calorie tasty meal. I ate Freeze dried meals when I get bored with pasta. I hate ramen, can’t stand eating it.


Depends on the weather. In the cold I like chocolate and cookies. When it’s hot I like salty nuts and Doritos. Other times I’ll get whatever I can find in a gas station, I’m not fussy.

Resupply on the CDT

Buy = Buying food in the towns / resorts / gas stations that I pass through or are near the trail.
Mail = Mail. I’ll pick up my supply from the post office or other location I use to mail food to myself. I plan to mail 7 food boxes to myself.

Good resupply options. Buy for the next 58 miles

143 miles Silver City NM

Lots of great places to eat and resupply

194 miles – Doc Cambells NM

Send food package

333 miles – Pie Town NM

Send food package

409 miles Grants NM

Buy Food

517 miles Cuba NM


571 miles – Ghost Ranch NM


666 miles Chama NM

Buy and send snow gear if heading northbound

749 miles Pagosa Springs CO


834 miles Silverton CO


868 miles Lake City CO


968 miles Salida CO


1047 miles Twin Lakes CO


1119 miles Breckenridge


1250 Grand Lake CO


1330 Steamboat Springs CO


1414 Encampment WY


1497 Rawlins WY


1619 miles Atlantic City WY


1801 miles Togwotee Lodge WY


1903 miles Old Faithful – YellowStone NP WY


1955 miles West Yellowstone MT


2051 miles Lima MT


2155 miles Leadore ID (Bannock Pass)


2278 miles Darby MT


2379 miles Anaconda MT


2458 miles Helena MT


2524 Lincoln MT


2587 miles Benchmark Resort MT

Mail which is expensive

2726 miles East Glacier MT


2830 Waterton Canada

The End

Do you have any questions about resupply on the CDT?
Have you noticed anything that needs to be updated or changed?
Let me know in the comments below.

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Continental Divide Trail Resupply

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  1. Love the info, especially for someone coming from overseas, Australia. I wish I was able to download some of the info, like the resupply suggestions as a PDF to store on the phone, without copying and pasting. Cheers

  2. Hey BHSafari,
    Just wanted to thank you for posting this. Presently planning a 2019 NOBO hike of the CDT and found this to be quite helpful in sorting through all the options for resupply along the way.
    I wish you the best on all your trails ahead.
    Best regards,

  3. I wish I were going with you. No, really. I am so jealous right now. I can’t wait to start seeing posts from your trip. God bless you, mate.

    Mike M., Riverside, CA

    1. I am leaving my bicycle with a friend in Mexico. I’ll return to Mexico after the hike. I’ll probably have a good rest for a couple of months then keep cycling south. I’m yet to visit Cuba! I expect to be in Yellowstone NP early August. That’s if everything goes to plan. The CDT has a reputation for changing people plans at short notice due to the weather, snow levels, wildfires and injury, just to name a few. I hope to take a day off in Yellowstone to look around. I’ve never been there before and I may never have an opportunity to return. I’m looking forward to it.

      1. Awesome. I am also planning a trip there for the first time. It is supposed to be incredible. I wish you a safe and pleasant journey along the CDT. I look toward to your blog posts and many pictures.

    1. Thanks Claire, can’t wait to get in trail. I might do something with the photos one day. We shall see.

  4. Wow! What a list of amazing places! I recognize a lot of them from our vacations and travels. Wishing you all the best in your newest adventure!

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