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Brad is an experienced thru-hiker who has completed the hiking 'Triple Crown' by completing the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail and Appalachian Trail. He has also completed the Te Araroa in New Zealand and has completed multiday hikes on every continent except Antarctica. Brad has bike toured in Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.  
    • Passionate Adventurer: Brad McCartney is a true outdoor enthusiast who has completed multiple Thru Hiking tips, Backpacking trips, Bike Touring trips, and Bikepacking trips.
    • Gear Expertise: As the Head Gear Tester at BikeHikeSafari, Brad possesses unparalleled knowledge about essential equipment and gear needed for successful outdoor adventures. He not only uses the products but has worked as a manager of an outdoor store so has an unrivaled knowledge of outdoor gear.
    • Influential Editor: Brad is the Founder of BikeHikeSafari and serves as the Editor in Chief, shaping the narrative of the gear reviews, trail reports, and outdoor tips.


Brad McCartney has been heading off on multiday hiking and backpacking trips for more than 30 years. In a previous life, he was a tour guide who would spend more than 150 nights per year sleeping under the stars. After 11 years he gained more knowledge about tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping mats than most people on the internet. His love for nature, wild places, and traveling in a sustainable way through Thru Hiking, Backpacking, Bike Touring, and Bikepacking makes him a world authority in his field.   Prior to founding BikeHikeSafari has was a Police Officer trained in remote area search and rescue and spent many years serving remote indigenous communities. He also managed a large multinational outdoor store and gained knowledge of all the products and companies involved in the outdoors. He also ran an outdoor guiding company for 11 years that specialized in camping trips in remote areas.   As the Founder of BikeHikeSafari, Brad is on a mission to guide and support fellow adventurers in creating unforgettable journeys. His wealth of experience and meticulous planning ensures that every expedition is well-prepared, safe, and filled with awe-inspiring experiences.   Brad McCartney's dedication to testing and reviewing outdoor gear has earned him a reputation as a trustworthy source for equipment recommendations. Through thorough testing and unbiased analysis, he empowers outdoor enthusiasts to make informed decisions when selecting their gear.   Brad has climbed mountains above 6000 meters in Bolivia, climbed the highest mountain in Africa, cycled from Alaska to Ecuador, took the controls of a plane while flying over the Nasca Lines in Peru and traveled to over 50 countries around the world.   When not charting new trails or putting gear to the test, Brad loves coffee and red wine (not at the same time). He loves spending time with his family, captures breathtaking landscapes through photography, and advocates for sustainable outdoor practices. Currently, he lives in rural Chile.


Brad McCartney's expertise is backed by training in search and rescue which he learned as part of his training as a Police Officer. He has also completed remote area first aid courses and regular training from outdoor companies regarding new product releases. This solid foundation enables him to share well-researched insights and valuable knowledge with his audience.

Featured Work

Brad's work has been showcased and quoted in prominent outdoor publications, amplifying his connection with the Thru Hiking, Backpacking, Bike Touring, and Bikepacking community. Some of the platforms where his work has been featured include:
  • Wild Magazine Australia: Featured as an Outdoor Adventurer
  • New Zealand New Website: Featured as an Outdoor Adventurer
  • Yahoo: Featured Source
  • Popular Mechanic: Featured Source
  • Fit and Well: Featured Source

Future Goals

Committed to expanding the horizons of adventure, Brad McCartney envisions a future where BikeHikeSafari inspires even more people to embrace outdoor escapades. With a passion for the outdoors, dedication to excellence, and a wealth of expertise in Thru Hiking, Backpacking, Bike Touring, and Bikepacking, Brad McCartney is the go-to authority for all adventurers seeking to embark on their next thrilling journey.

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