Best Waterproof Socks 2024

Best Waterproof Socks

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This is a gear review about the best waterproof socks for 2024.

No one enjoys wet feet, and when you are hiking, backpacking, or snowshoeing and the weather is super cold and wet you may need a pair of waterproof socks. Waterproof socks will keep your feet dry, help prevent blisters, and prevent cold and wet feet.

Typically, all the best waterproof socks are made of three layers including a waterproof and breathable membrane and an insulated inner layer. All of these layers keep your feet safe, dry, and protected whilst you are outside. When normal Hiking Socks are not enough, just add a pair of waterproof boots and you are set to go.

How We Tested

All the Waterproof Socks in this review have been extensively evaluated and researched by the expert author who has many years of experience in Thru-Hiking, Backpacking, and Hiking. Some of the Waterproof Socks were purchased by the author for this review. They have been rigorously tested by the author who used them thru-hiking in cold wet weather with many cold river crossings. The research, testing, and experience of the author have combined to come up with the Best Waterproof Socks for 2024. Read the Review Policy for further details.

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Best Waterproof Hiking Socks 2024

The Best Waterproof Hiking Socks in 2024 are:

Best Waterproof Socks 2024 – Overall

Sealskinz Cold Weather Mid-Length Socks

Sealskinz mid length waterproof sock

> Keep the feet dry thanks to the hydrophilic membrane.
> Flat seams to reduce friction or blisters forming.
> The three-layer construction keeps your feet dry and warm in wet weather conditions.
> Many people feel that the size chart is quite off. They found that they ended up buying socks that were slightly too big for them.

The Sealskinz Cold Weather Mid-Length Waterproof Socks have been designed with your feet health in mind. They offer the perfect combination of waterproof protection, breathability, and warmth for your feet.

If you are going walking in mud, rain, snow, or water, we found these socks will give you the support that you need no matter the weather. 

Sealskinz socks are handmade and use a 4-way stretch. We discovered that this then provides these socks fitting really well. Well, the seams lay flat on your toes, this then reduces any chance of friction and blisters being caused.

You will find that these socks are made up of 3 layers, one of which is a unique hydrophilic waterproof membrane. This membrane removes the water that is found on your skin, thus it will keep your feet dry.

Overall, these are one of the best waterproof hiking socks that are mid-length for backpacking, hiking, or winter snow sports.

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Lightweight Waterproof Sock

Showers Pass Crosspoint Lightweight Waterproof Socks

Shower Pass Crosspoint Lightweight Waterproof sock review

> Seamless design reduces the risk of blisters forming and is comfortable
> The membrane on these socks will keep your feet dry, yet it is also breathable.
> Good for all outdoor activities including hiking, backpacking, cycling, rafting, or snow sports.
> Some sock colors may run a bit small to the actual sizing according to some people.

The Shower Pass Crosspoint Lightweight Waterproof Socks use a three-layer construction. Between two of the layers, you will discover the Showers Pass Proprietary Artex Membrane.

This membrane is what makes these socks waterproof and breathable so your feet don’t all sweat while wearing them for long periods of time. The layers are a knitted outer layer that is wear-resistant and a Coolmax material inner layer. 

These waterproof socks are comfortable to wear. This is due to the seamless construction. The star of these socks is the extremely thin PTFE breathable and waterproof membrane.

Your feet won’t overheat, but stay dry. Alongside this, these socks feel very versatile. They can be worn for a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, snow sports, rafting, and pretty much any outdoor activity that you can think of.

Overall, these waterproof backpacking socks are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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Most Durable Waterproof Sock

Sealskinz All Weather Mid Length Socks

Sealskinz All weather waterproof sock review

> Flat seams and wool lining makes these socks very comfortable to wear.
> The merino wool lining helps keep your feet warm and dry.
> You will find elastic in the heel and at the top of the socks. This is to provide your feet with more support while you are hiking or walking.
> this and lightweight
> Sealskinz is a well-known brand, therefore their products have a high price tag.

Sealskinz is known for making high-quality waterproof socks and that’s why they are seen again on our list. This time we are looking at the Sealskinz All Weather Mid-Length Waterproof Socks.

These mid-calf socks are ideal to be worn all year round. Like other waterproof socks, they are made with three different layers to provide your feet with warmth, waterproofing, and durability. 

I liked the Merino wool inner layer that is used on these socks. This inner layer not only made these socks comfortable to wear, but the merino wool is also a great insulator.

Flat seams and elastic add extra support to your feet while wearing these socks.

Overall, these are some of the best waterproof hiking socks that are durable and will withstand whatever wet weather activities you plan.

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Best Waterproof Socks For Hiking

DexShell Trekking Waterproof Trekking Socks

Dexshell waterproof trekking socks review

> Quite thin and give you the feeling that they are like a normal pair of everyday socks.
> The design of these socks is seamless or very minor seams that you barely notice.
> These socks use a Porelle Membrane that absorbs and transfers moisture from your feet quickly and easily. 
> You need to be careful how you wash and dry these socks, otherwise, it could damage the lining.

The DexShell Trekking Waterproof Trekking Socks are very high-quality waterproof socks available.

Dexshell socks are ideal for trekking, hiking, walking, trail running, and any activity where you want to have warm, dry, and protected feet from wet conditions. These socks use high-quality material and are great when there has been heavy rainfall or deep water. 

The DexShell waterproof sock has a 70% breathable Porelle membrane mid layer which is protected by a durable nylon outer layer.

Moisture is absorbed and transferred out thanks to a merino wool blended inner layer. So these waterproof socks will keep your feet dry are comfortable and won’t make your feet feel too sweaty.

I used these waterproof socks for 2 weeks of hiking in Colorado. For 10 hours per day, I hiked through cold wet snow and crossed icy cold rivers. During that time, the sweatproof socks were always sweaty by the end of the day but that wasn’t necessarily due to the lack of moisture-wicking properties. As there were cold conditions I also used an extra layer of regular socks underneath for extra protection from the cold temperatures. I also crossed cold water rivers with these socks and didn’t get my feet wet!

Through my tests and research, I discovered that I like the feel of these socks, as they feel like an everyday pair of normal socks, just a bit thicker. These high-quality waterproof socks do give you a snug fit, but they are comfortable to wear.

Overall, these are great waterproof socks on the market for cold weather thanks to the water-resistant middle layer, merino inner, and strong outer layer. Very durable socks for wet conditions.

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Warmest Waterproof Sock

DexShell Waterproof Hytherm Pro Socks

Dexshell Hytherm waterproof socks review

> Merino Wool inner layer is great
> Seamless construction for an enjoyable wearing experience.
> The footbed of these socks are cushioned, which makes walking in these socks feel soft and protected.
> Whilst these socks are very waterproof to stopping water from getting in some people find them sweaty.

Dexshell gets to make another appearance on our list, as their socks are truly that good. This time it is the DexShell Waterproof Hytherm Pro Waterproof Socks. These waterproof socks have three-layer construction and are made with an inner layer of Merino Wool, that reaches up to your calves.

The merino wool inner layer reacts to your body temperature, to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature at all times. It acts as a moisture-wicking layer to prevent cold wet feet from your own sweat which is great for moisture control.

The merino wool will keep your feet warm when the outside temperature is cold, and when you are in warmer conditions, the wool will release your own body heat. 

While the Porelle membrane waterproof layer is protected by an outer layer that stops any water from getting into these socks. While the seamless design made the mid-length sock enjoyable to wear.

The cushioned footbed was a nice extra that most of the socks I tested didn’t have. This made walking with these socks really soft and comfortable.

Overall, the combination of the merino wool moisture-wicking inner lining and a breathable durable outer layer material make this one of the best waterproof insulated socks on the market for dry feet.

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waterproof backpacking socks being used crossing a cold river
Using waterproof socks in cold weather crossing a cold water river on the Colorado Trail / Continental Divide Trail

More Socks

More socks that I am yet to test and may make the list in the near future.

  • Randy Sun waterproof breathable socks – the Randy Sun Waterproof socks are known to be an affordable price pair of waterproof socks with a seamless toe and good quality.
  • Layeba waterproof breathable socks – Another popular sock for wet conditions.
  • Dexshell Waterproof Ultra Lite Bamboo Socks – With a soft bamboo lining, these lightweight low-cut socks should be good for hiking in all but the coldest temperatures.


Waterproof socks are usually made of three layers, an inner layer, a waterproof breathable membrane, and a durable outer layer.

Inner Layer

The Inner layer is closest to your skin and responsible for wicking the moisture away from the skin and regulating your temperature. They are usually wool socks or similar with merino wool being very good and having natural anti-bacterial properties.

It is also possible and even encouraged when hiking in cold weather to add a pair of regular socks underneath your waterproof socks when using your hiking boots in cold temperatures. Especially if you think you will encounter cold water and wet conditions.

When hiking in warmer weather the waterproof sock can be worn by itself and will be super comfortable and do the job very well.

Waterproof Mid Layer

The Mid layer is usually the water-resistant and breathable membrane that keeps the water out while allowing moisture vapor to transfer outside. Their job is to prevent feet wet and keep your feet dry.

This middle layer is sandwiched between the insulating inner layer and the tough protective outer layer. When wearing footwear, especially when hiking or traveling through very wet environments, the socks will not breathe as well as a waterproof rain jacket. When purchasing waterproof socks just keep that in mind.

wearing waterproof hiking socks when crossing a river while hiking in Colorado
Crossing a snow melt cold water stream in the Colorado Rockies with waterproof socks

Outer Layer

The Outer layer is usually the durable layer of the hiking socks. They provide protection from sharp rocks and abrasion that will damage the waterproof membrane. They are usually made from a tough nylon blend layer.

Sock Thickness

It may seem obvious, but you want these socks to have great waterproofing abilities. However, some socks do a better job of this than others.

The thicker the sock, the better the insulation and protection from the harsh environment.

When trail running or hiking in warmer weather it will be important to choose a waterproof sock that is lightweight, thin, and with the most amount of breathability. There are several thin, lightweight waterproof socks on the market and they might be the best choice for you.

Conversely, if you are hiking, backpacking, or snowshoeing in very cold temperatures you will want a pair of waterproof socks that are thick, well insulated, and able to fit another pair of socks underneath them if needed. Like many people, I have used a pair of thin socks underneath thick waterproof socks when the temperatures drop well below freezing.

Therefore, you may be best served by purchasing both thick and thin socks to serve you the best in all conditions. Use whichever one is best depending on the temperature and conditions.

If you are going on short hikes you could probably get by with a good pair of waterproof boots which might be all you need, even if you might end up with wet socks by the end of the short hike.


Let me make one thing quite clear. If you wear Waterproof socks be aware that they are not as breathable as they should be. Your feet are one of the most sweaty parts of the body and if covered in mud, water, and dirt the socks will not breathe very well. Add to that the fact that they are covered with boots, shoes, trail runners, or mountaineering boots. So don’t set your expectations so high that your feet will be perfectly dry at the end of the day. Some sweat will not be able to get out and your feet will be a bit wet.

So with the bad stuff out of the way let’s talk about waterproof and breathable socks. When your feet get hot and sweaty, the socks let your feet breathe by transferring the moisture into the atmosphere. No one wants to be hiking with sweaty feet, otherwise, you could have simply worn everyday socks and for some people, normal Hiking Socks will be a good option. 

The Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate, MVT, is how breathability is measured. The higher the MVT the more breathable the socks will be and the better they are at transferring sweat from your feet to the atmosphere.

You will notice most waterproof socks have a waterproof and breathable membrane mid-layer. This layer is what helps your waterproof sock become breathable. You want a good membrane that will help keep your feet warm and dry and cool your feet down when they get too hot.

The thickness of your waterproof socks is important. Thicker socks will quickly make your feet hotter. If you are facing cold conditions, this means your feet will remain warm but not wet. 


Socks with a built-in waterproof membrane will cost about twice the price of high quality hiking socks. With most costing around $50 per pair. For most people, you will only need one pair of these socks and they will only be used on cold and wet days for keeping your feet dry and warm.


I have covered a range of different socks that will fit any activity outdoor enthusiasts had in mind from hiking, trail running, rafting, or any activity. They help keep you safe, dry, and in some cases warm. Just throw on a pair of hiking boots and hit the trail.

The Best Waterproof Socks for Winter Hiking in 2024 are:

Another one of the Best Footwear Reviews from BikeHikeSafari.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Waterproof Socks Really Work

Waterproof socks really work. They are very different from normal socks as they have a waterproof membrane that prevents water from entering the sock while remaining breathable. They are best suited to cold and wet environments for use when hiking, backpacking and cycling.

Can You Machine Wash Waterproof Socks?

Unfortunately, your waterproof socks shouldn’t be machine-washed. It is very easy to wash waterproof socks!

All you need to do is turn the socks inside out and soak them in warm soapy water. By putting waterproof socks in the washing machine, they won’t come out clean.  If you chose to machine wash them be aware that because of the waterproof membrane, they may have issues with the spin cycle of the washing cycle.

How Do You Dry Waterproof Socks?

The best way to dry waterproof socks is by letting them air dry naturally. Try not to dry them on radiators or by a fireplace.

You can tumble dry waterproof socks on a low setting. Otherwise, you will damage the membrane of the socks and then their performance will be faulty. 

Waterproof Hiking Socks

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The author, Brad McCartney is a very experienced triple crown thru-hiker, adventurer, and bike tourer having spent 1000s of nights sleeping in a tent and sleeping bag (Read more). He was a manager of an outdoor retail store and is very experienced in what is important when using and testing gear for reviews like this.

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