29th July

20.7 miles

Bushcamp (1775.9) to Mt Moosilauke (1796.6)

‘Have you heard of the Omlette Man’, said fellow hiker Pinnapple as he overtook me. ‘He cooks up omlettes for hikers, he’s a trail angel’.

I hiked up a rocky section of trail only a minute or two from a forestry road to find several tarps strung up on makeshift poles and tied to trees. Camp chairs were laying next to the trail and a boxer dog was licking a hiker. This was the Omlette Man.
24 eggs is the record he told me. Not long ago a hiker came past here and ate all of them. The Omlette Man started dishing out trail magic last year and has reached legend status. I had 5 eggs, peppers, cheese and ham which must have weighed aroind 2 pounds. Wow, that was easily the best meal I have ever had on trail. It was so nice and so filling that I’m working on a way to cook or carry eggs on trail in the future, or maybe carry them while cycle touring on rough roads.

Mount Moosilauke is the start of the high alpine mountains of New Hampshire. I’ve been looking forward to this mountain for about 1000 miles. What I didn’t expect was just how long it would take my tired old body to climb up this hill. Well, it’s not really a hill, I had almost 4000 feet of climbing to the summit. Starting the climb after 3.30pm would ensure I would struggle to make the summit before sunset.

The climb was surprisingly steep and my already weary legs struggled to kept moving forward. About a third of the way up a couple were sitting next to the trail on the only flat spot of trail. I knew their plan. They wouldn’t be going any further.

I kept moving slowly up the steep climb as the sun was getting lower in the sky. It was nearly 6.30pm when I reached the flat summit ridge. I spied a flat section of ground just of the trail and considered setting up the tent right away, I’m glad I didn’t.

I continued another mile to the summit of Mount Moosilauke. I was rather excited by the climb and was buzzing with excitement. It’s the first time in a while that the trail has gotten me this excited. I set up the GoPro to take a time lapse of the sunset and set about cooking dinner. At almost 5000 feet it was getting cold very quickly.

My original plan was to stay for sunset then put on my headlamp and hike a couple of miles to the shelter and campsite. I found a small flat area with rocks piled up for protection against the wind. Not really enough room for my tent so I decided to cowboy camp. I was all alone on a mountain top, not a bad way to spend my birthday. During the night I woke in the cold damp air to watch the Milky Way move across the sky. Life is good.

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20 Responses

  1. Anne

    During my short section hike on the PCT, I was dreaming of eggs (not in powder form, but fresh). If you find a way to carry them, please let us know 😉 Happy birthday!

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Thank you, I’ll let you know, I’m thinking boiled eggs but I’ll try other methods

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Thank you Michael, I do like to be out in the wilds during birthdays

  2. Connie

    Happy Birthday! Your photo of the night sky is breathtaking–thanks for making my day.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Thank you Connie, I’m practicing my night photography, I just need a couple of clear night above tree line.

  3. Andi

    Happy Birthday, Brad! You found an epic way to celebrate it! Cheers and safe travels!

  4. Pocket Perspectives

    Beautiful! I grew up watching the light of the sunrise on Mt Moosilauke, from my bedroom window…and the sun setting behind Moosilauke each evening… such an exquisite view! What a view you had of the night sky! Amazing!

  5. Mike M

    Happy birthday, mate! You are right, no better way to enjoy a birthday than to be on the trail.

    Keep it up, Brad. God bless.

    Mike M, Riverside, CA

  6. Ron and Laura from Bryce Canyon

    Brad you and I have the same Birthday, how funny. I’m quite a few years ahead of you but still kicking.
    Happy Birthday have another great trip around the sun.


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