17th August 

10.4 miles

Monson (2075.3) to Wilson Valley Shelter (2085.7)

I woke early and jumped in the shower before sunrise. I certainly felt better than yesterday. There were no swollen glands, no sore throat and I felt like I had energy. This energy was increased with an all you can eat breakfast at the hostel, and it was good. Several eggs, bacon, fried potatoes and blueberry pancakes, washed down with several cups of coffee.

I made the decision to pack up and make one last push to the end of the trail. Thumper also felt better and agreed we should go for it. We packed only 4 days food to get us through a place known as the 100 mile wilderness. We were confident it would be sufficient.

We ate a very large lunch, drank large bottles of chocolate milk then hitch hiked to the trail. Although we were only carrying 4 days food to hike 100 miles we suspected that with full bellies we wouldn’t need to eat much food on the first day. This proved true as I ate a snickers bar and my pasta dinner with tuna. Not a bad effort for 10 miles of hiking with a metabolism that usually requires food every 2 hours. It came at a cost. I arrived at camp very tired and weak, the sore throat and swollen glands that have plagued me in recent days returned. They seem to be worse in the afternoon. All I can do is sleep it off and hope for lots of energy tomorrow.

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