AT Day 39 – Still it rains 

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24th May

19 miles 

Bushcamp (657) to Geocache Camp (676)

I was hiking before 7am. The heavy rain overnight left the rivers raging and the trail muddy. Light drizzle and constant drops of rain from the trees ensured it would be a challenging day.

The first shelter I passed was full of hikers waiting to head out hiking. The hikers were like a bunch of wildebeest waiting for the first one to cross the crocodile infested river. Once the first hiker set off, the rest followed. Some hikers chose to spend the day in their tents. We passed many tents today.

The rain was intermittent until around 4pm. The skies opened up and we called it a day and set up camp. Only a short time earlier Delicate Flower wandered off into the bushland to recover a geocache that some friends sent him, the coordinates were spot on. The cache contained no food or booze but did contain hand sanitizer. What a great idea, set up a geocache for a friend hiking the trail and let them find it.

With my tent up so early I had a calming cup of tea and watched the rain from inside my tent. Wrapped in my sleeping bag the rain was so much nicer to experience. I should have a relaxing afternoons inside the tent more often. Dinner was cooked and eaten earlier than normal and my eyes were closed for the night before sunset.

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  1. That looks quite cosy in this tent, with all the mandatory snacks at less than an arms reach ;-) What do you do with your wet clothes? You just stash them in a bag for the evening/night? Or is the umbrella enough to protect you?

    1. My clothes stay dry so it’s only the wet socks which I leave lying around anywhere. The umbrella has worked well so far.

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