AT Day 64 – Headaches and Fatigue 

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18th June

21.8 miles

Carlisle (1129.5) to Bushcamp (1151.3)

Sleep did not come easy. Headaches plagued me through the night. By morning I felt like taking a rest day to recover some energy. Several cups of coffee and a large breakfast gave me just enough energy and motivation to keep moving.

Dark clouds and rain threatened in the morning. Although my energy levels were low I was able to make a good pace on the mostly flat terrain. Only a few climbs and occasional rocky sections of trail slowed my pace. At times I could see the rain clouds following me. I thought I could out hike them. I guess I did, only a few stray drops of rain hit me all day.

I was close to the town of Duncannon when I took a rest break on a rocky outcrop. Several couples were at the lookout enjoying their Sunday afternoon. I noticed every guy had a handgun shoved down the back of their jeans. I still can’t get used to things like that in this country.

I reached the town of Duncannon around 5pm. It looked like a typical small town American horror story. No jobs, no future and not much to do. There were way to many liquor outlets, gentlemen clubs and bars for the dwindling population. It seemed one in every three houses were for sale. 

I quickly resupplied for the next 70 miles of trail and grabbed a quick meal. It was still very hot and humid. The temperature on the clock at the local bank showed 95F (35C). 

I hiked through town and back up to the mountains for a night alone in a small bush camp. The wind started to get stronger as afternoon turned to evening. I think the weather is about to change.

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