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22nd June

25.9 miles

Bushcamp (1230.9) to George Outerbridge Shelter (1256.8)

I was hiking by 6am. I wanted to make it to a highway that promised a bar that served lunch meals to hungry hikers. It didn’t open till midday and I was making good time on the easy trail. As a result I slowed down and took many more rest breaks than needed on a day that had near perfect clear blue skies.

A total of five hikers were at the bar waiting for the owner to open up. I joined them to charge my phone and consume a coke and a burger.

I’d heard of this place called the knifes edge. A steep section of trail littered with boulders big enough to trouble the knees of the strongest hikers. If it were raining it would not be a pleasant place. My journey along the boulder strewn knifes edge was as pleasant as the weather. I danced my way over the boulders with ease. I’ve always been able to move fast over rocky ground. Most of my hiking at home has been in conditions like this. Most hikers hate stuff like this.

The Allentown hiking club put on trail magic every year for Appalachian trail hikers. I met them at a car park just off the trail. Hotdogs, fresh fruit, donuts, treats and assorted drinks. They have a professional set up. They even have a portable battery charger for phones. I ate so much fruit and hot dogs that the waist belt of my pack didn’t fit me properly.

I made another couple of miles to camp near a shelter with four other hikers. I think I’m starting to get ahead of most hikers. There’s not too many around at the moment.

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  1. Sally Mastin

    Hi Brad, I’ve been following some of this season’s PCT blogs. I have read a few where the hikers have made it over Forrester Pass, then out at Kerseage Pass, but no further. The amount of snow and runoff in the rivers is as bad as could be expected for the incredible amount of snow in The Sierras, this record year.
    Great pace you are keeping up to! You’ll be finished in no time!

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Good to hear from you Sally, last night I met ‘Knotts’, he’s trying to get the speed record on the AT and the calendar triple crown. He made it to Kersarge Pass then went off the trail there to start the AT. He said it was seriously bad.

  2. rosiewalker

    Have u been reading any blogs from the PCT. The snow is beyond fantastic and impassable for many making for dangerous river crossings also. Hike on on that easy AT u r walking.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Unfortunately I don’t have time to read other blogs, I see and read occasional posts on the relevant Facebook pages, that’s it.


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