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10th July

24 miles

Bushcamp (1435.2) to Bushcamp (1459.2)

I hiked past a lake called Nuclear Lake. Not sure how it got its name but local legends tell of an employee called Homer Simpson who was responsible for two incidents at a nuclear test facility on the banks of the lake. It’s been reported that the accidents potentially polluted the water. The truth seems to be not too far from the story. Do a google search on Nuclear Lake, New York.

I didn’t fill my water bottle nor swim in the lake or let any of the mosquitoes or mutant ticks bite me.

The trail emerged a little while later into a mosquito infested swampy area. Many locals and scout groups were in the area feeding the local insect population.

The Appalachian Trail has its very own train station. On a Saturday and Sunday a commuter train stops here and runs all the way to New York City. If it stopped at this station more often I probably would have used this station to go to New York.
appalachian trail train station
The afternoon hiking led me through rural farmland and hills. At some point I crossed into Connecticut, I’m not sure where, I missed the sign, usually there’s a sign. I looked at my map to see that the trail crosses between New York and Connecticut several times. So really, I’m not sure where I am.

As the afternoon progressed I flicked off yet another tick and set up camp near a nice stream. A thunderstorm moved in overhead to ensure my tent would be wet in the morning.

appalachian trail sign
selfiebook exchange connecticut
mountain stream

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