AT Day 89 – I hope my Phone isn’t broken

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Broken Phone

13th July

10.9 miles

Bushcamp (1497) to Laurel Ridge Campsite (1507.9)

I was still tired when I strolled into the town of Salisbury. I only had about a two mile walk to the highway from my campsite and a further mile to town. Like all other towns in Connecticut it was a town with a lot of civic pride with the well maintained houses and gardens. Did I mention I bought a new tent?

nemo hornet tent
I didn’t really need to make the detour to Salisbury but I decided to visit the grocery store to eat lots of fruit and yogurt. Several other hikers came and went, most with a very familiar story to tell. Almost without exception the hikers were tired and in low spirits. The trail is wearing everybody down.

I stayed in Salisbury for several hours chatting to hikers and the friendly locals. It was well after midday when I found the motivation to get back to the trail.

Not long after leaving town I passed a significant milestone, 1500 miles. The sky darkened and the sound of thunder could be heard in the distance. I considered setting up camp early but the call of the trail kept me moving so in preparation for the rain I took off my shirt and kept on hiking.

1500 miles1500 miles to go
I climbed up slippery rocks in the pouring rain. Bear Mountain was not an easy climb. The clouds above me were rumbling to the sounds of occasional thunder but the flash of the lightning was notably absent. Most lightning happens in the clouds and doesn’t reach the ground, that much I knew. As a result I deemed it safe to continue. There was little view at the top so I didn’t stay long. The descent from Bear Mountain was near vertical in places. Add that the wet rocks. Strangely, I was having fun, even if the salty sweat got in my eyes.

hiking in the rainhiking in the rainhiking in the rain
I descend without mishap to Sages Ravine. I left behind the state of Connecticut, I was now in Massachusetts. Just like Connecticut several days earlier I didn’t even notice the state border sign. Later, I was told the sign was incorrectly places about a mile inside the border, I still didn’t see it.

mountain stream
The storm had passed by the time I hit Sages Ravine. For the first time in a while I was a buzz with joy. Any photographer will tell you the best light to take photos is after a storm. I spent an hour taking photos in the gorge covering only about a quarter of a mile in distance during that time. The bright green moss and ferns were fluorescent against the dark rocks and low misty clouds. Recently I’ve been carrying a small lightweight tripod for just such occasions. For a short hour I enjoyed being a photographer.

mountain streammountain streamvasque footwear
My time in Sages Ravine left little daylight left for hiking. I made the sort side trip to Laurel Ridge Campsite. The rain started again as I set up camp and continued all night.

In my tent at night I usually spend my last waking hour writing my blog, uploading my photos and charging my phone. There was a problem, my phone wouldn’t charge. It wasn’t my battery, I was able to charge my camera. It could only be one if two problems. My charge cable was broken (most likely) or my phone was broken (holy crap expensive). With only 20% charge left on my phone, all I could do was turn it off and only use it in an emergency. I was now in search of the nearest gas station to buy a new cable and hope it would solve the problem.
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