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17-18th July

23.5 miles

Kay Wood Shelter (1565.7) to Wilbur Clearing Shelter (1589.2)

From our campsite to the town of Dalton it was an easy 3 mile hike. Thumper and I found ourselves inside a cafe eating breakfast just after 8am.

Earlier we dumped our packs at the hotel. While I was conservative in my consumption of calories Thumper was not. He ordered two full plates of Western omelets (that’s 6 eggs), 4 slices of toast, 2 serving of country fried potatoes and 4 cups of coffee.

It was 3 mile return walk to the grocery store and sporting goods store. Thumper needed new shoes and I needed a small amount of food for a resupply and loads of fresh fruit. A car stopped after half a mile of hiking. It was Tom, a well known local trail angel who has been helping hikes for about 30 years. We were shuttled all over town to get our town chores completed. What a kind gentleman.

We were returned to our hotel around 11am and promptly invited to a BBQ lunch by the hotel staff. We had just enough time to shower and throw our clothes in the washing machine. I sat at the table wearing only my rainpants in true hiker trash fashion. Nobody seemed to mind.

The wifi at the hotel was so slow I could have sent a letter and it would hate arrived quicker than any emails. As a result my planned zero day evaporated. With only 3 miles hiking we would be back on trail hiking the next day. My body felt strong despite being desperate to just stop and rest for a couple of days or weeks or months.

hiking through dalton
It was less than 10 miles to Chester town. It promised a short 2 minute detour off the trail to a gas station which had a Dunkin Donuts. If you think there are a lot of resupply options on this trail then you are correct. There are times when I don’t need to carry much food, but stupidly I do.

We pushed on up hills and down hills, through mud and over rocks. The further north I hike the more I’m starting to see things like Beaver Dams. I haven’t seen any beavers yet but I might get lucky.

beaver damappalachian trailboardwalks appalachian trail
As my time in Massachusetts comes to an end it threw in one mighty large obstacle, its highest mountain, Mt Greylock. For the first time in a long time I had great views of rolling hills that stretched off in all directions. Thumper and I were buzzing from the views, or was it the Coke we bought in the lodge at the summit. I also met up with another hiker Two Times that I hadn’t seen since Harpers Ferry some 500 miles ago. Wow, that seems so long ago but it was only about a month ago.

cabin on a lakebascom lodgemt greylockmt greylockview from mt greylock
The nearest campsite was a couple of miles away and it was getting late. Thumper, Two Times and I pushed on and set up camp just before sunset.

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