21st July 

14.1 miles

Bushcamp (1639.6) to Bromley Mountain (1653.7)

It was a quick 3.5 hour hike into the town of Manchester via the sidetrail at Prospect Rock. Once we hit the highway a car stopped to offer us a ride. Nick and Judy often give rides to hikers, their son is currently hiking the trail.

For several hours Thumper and I ate, charged our electronics and resupplied. There were a lot of hikers in the friendly town of Manchester.

Judy returned us to the same place she picked us up and we continued on a road walk, called Yellow Blazing, to the trailhead. It was late afternoon when we reached the trail.

Our plan was to hike another 3 miles to the top of Mount Bromley, a ski hill. The resort has a warming cabin that they allow hikers to stay in. When we arrived I chose to camp. For the first time on this whole hike I had a view of the sky. No trees or clouds or rain to block my view. There was no way I was going to sleep indoors. 

I carried out a Subway sandwich from town. I ate dinner and sat around with several other hikers watching the sunset. As darkness approached I took a few photos and video and experimented with night photography. Unfortunately it was windy so my lightweight, mini tripod was unable to keep the camera steady enough. It was an impressive night in the tent, watching the stars.

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