Bike Touring Tool Kit and Spares

complete lightweight bicycle touring tool kit and spares

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This is a complete Bicycle Touring Tool Kit and Spares list that I carry as I Bicycle Tour around the world. When bike touring from Alaska to Argentina this is the complete bike tool kit I carried in my panniers. My Bicycle is a strong dedicated touring bicycle capable of carrying a very large load but unless I am crossing a remote desert my lightweight bicycle touring gear list is around 23kg.

Bicycle Touring Tools And Spares

The tools and spares I carry vary depending on what type of ride I am on. For example, if I leave my bicycle in a hostel and go for a day ride around town or in the mountains I do not carry every bit of gear in my kit. Just the basics. Likewise, if I am off on a week long ride and returning to my base I will take more gear but not everything. When cycling between Alaska and Argentina and visiting remote places I have a comprehensive set of tools and spares to fix most, but not all common problems.

Cycling Tool Kit for a Day Ride


  • Tyre Patch repair kit which includes patches, sandpaper, glue(normally not needed as I use Slime inside my tyres to prevent flats).


Bicycle Touring Tools and Spares for a week

In addition to the tools listed above I add the following items:



Expedition Bike Touring Tools and Spares

Cycling around the world or on an extended bike tour that will last months or years? These are the items you need to consider carrying with you.

In addition to the items I take on day rides and week long rides I take the following items:



  • Syringe to Rohloff Oil Changes
  • Cable Cutting Tool
  • Chainring removal tool
  • T20 Torx Wrench
  • T25 Torx Wrench

Bicycle Touring Toolkit

How to Store a Bicycle Touring Tool Kit

My tyre repair gear and my multitool is kept handy, either in my handlebar bag or easily accessible in my framebag. As I am riding along I don’t want to be searching deep inside my panniers for gear if I get a flat tyre or need to make a small adjustment my brakes.

The rest of the tools are located in the bottom of my panniers in a small padded bag. Most of these tools are only needed for more serious repairs and can be accessed while at a campsite or in a hotel room.

A lot of cyclists like to carry the basic tools and spares in a small saddle bag.

What do you carry in your toolkit? Anything different?
Let me know in the comments section below.

Bicycle touring toolkit

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2 thoughts on “Bike Touring Tool Kit and Spares”

  1. hello brad
    possible additions for “expedition tool kit”
    1] LOCTITE medium strength for pannier frame bolts……medium strength is ok provided a tool can be used
    i used this on my ortlieb bottom hook screw [ the one turned by the plastic wheel]…this held well but when needing to change hook position could not be undone resulting in stripping the hex – shape of the wheel that hold the screw head

    so am trying for the ortlieb bottom hook thread…
    2] plumbers pipe tape…. this is the stuff that is wrapped around pipe thread to make it water tight…..this seems to make the thread firm enough to stop vibrational loosening but ok to undo by had or with a coin in the plastic wheel slots
    am just about to field-test this stuff

    • In regards to #1 can I recommend that you leave that at home. I have never had a problem with loose nuts and bolts, only seized ones. Being exposed to the weather and droplets of sweat seem to eventually either seize or rust every bolt on the bicycle. In fact I have now started adding a small amount of grease to all nuts and bolts lately. But that is my experience, maybe yours is different.
      The plumbers tape might be a much better idea.


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