Cancun to Atlanta

Packing a bicycle box

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I arrived in the tourist mecca of Cancun and checked into a small family run hostel. I had a couple of days until my flight which was enough time to get some much needed chores done. Firstly, I needed to somehow acquire a bike box. In the past I’ve gone to bicycle stores and asked if they had any boxes that they were throwing out, normally it is not a problem. If that failed I could always find a furniture store or department store. A large cardboard box from a fridge, oven or large piece of furniture should work. But I didn’t need to do any of that. The family that I stayed with had a bicycle box in their courtyard. A cyclist left it there a couple of weeks earlier when they arrived in Cancun Airport. I totally lucked out.

I also had a couple of last minute logistical things to organise, including completing my long overdue tax return. I might not have much in the way of income but it still had to be done. I did most of those chores in the comfort of the air conditioning at Starbucks. The mood music constantly told me to stay longer and have another coffee. How do they do that?

I had a stupid early flight from Cancun to Atlanta. My Über driver with his small car picked me up. My bicycle only just fit into the back of the vehicle, both the driver and myself were very happy with that. I arrived at the airport the evening before my flight and slept at the airport. It’s not the first time I’ve slept at an airport. I use a website called to look at the airport information and see how comfortable I might be. Cancun airport was safe and I actually got a couple of hours of good sleep (in short 15 minute cycles) before my Delta Airlines flight.

I have now spent about 12 months of my life in Mexico. Cycling and exploring the country. During that time I’ve learned enough of the language to communicate with the locals and I’ve eaten a wide variety of Mexican food that most Mexicans don’t even get to experience. One thing is for certain, Mexico is an amazing country and I’m already making plans to return at the end of my hike on the Appalachian Trail. I’m ready to go hiking. Let’s go to Atlanta and go for a hike.

Packing a bicycle box
Packing the Bike box at the hostel. That is everything I own right there!!!
My bicycle fitted inside a very small Uber taxi on route to the Airport in Cancun
Sleeping at Cancun Airport
I had a stupid early flight so I rolled out my sleeping bag and settled in for a couple of hours sleep in Cancun airport.

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12 thoughts on “Cancun to Atlanta”

  1. Looks like a cozy little sleeping nook! Amazing that everything you own is in that one picture. What a great reminder that life can be really simple and enjoyable without a lot of extra possessions.

  2. Welcome back to the Divided States of America. Be forewarned, where ever you go under the eclipse it will be an overpriced, overcrowded zoo. I heard at the Oregon coast, hotel reservations are being cancelled, and rooms are re-booked at a thousand $ per night. My friends at the forest service said they expect 10,000 people at Jefferson Park alone and as many as 30,000 scattered around Mt. Jefferson. Probably more. That’s a lot of toilet paper. PCT hikers are being told to avoid the place like the plague. Unfortunately, that’s when the NOBO herd goes through. I’m sure it’s the same story everywhere. Anyway, good luck on the AT, and don’t say I didn’t warn you about that four letter word,,,,rain.

    • Either way it will be a great event. I’ll be camping for free somewhere and hope to get a nice view of the partial eclipse

  3. You are on your way mate..excellent…I will be starting Walker Pass…6 June. 49 Days until I fly to LAX.
    Lets try and keep in on the AT and me on the PCT.
    Good Luck to both of us.
    Cheers Stu

  4. Maybe you already know this but the Ravens are starting the CDT April 21. The family of 4 can hardly wait to get out of town……………

    • There is a strong urge to get back in trail among us hikers. Few people will really understand just how strong the pull of the trail really is.

  5. I have been looking forward to your trip back to the states for some time now. You sure make Mexico sound like a great destination! Thank you for your stories. I am excited for you (and your blog followers) to read about your AT adventure.

    • Thanks Mike, Mexico is great. Much more diversity than most countries and safe to visit. If you get a chance head down there fir a look. On trail tomorrow, I can’t wait

  6. What will you do of your bicycle while hiking the AT ? Do you think you will see ?

    • My good hiking buddy Crunchmaster and his family are storing my bicycle for me. And yes I will see the eclipse, looking forward to it.


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