Gear List

Lightweight Bicycle Touring Gear List

Lightweight Bicycle Touring Gear List

This is my complete Lightweight Bicycle Touring Gear List. This is all the bicycle touring gear I carry with me as I cycle tour around the world, at the moment I'm Bicycle Touring from Alaska to Argentina.  I a... Read More...
Thorn Nomad Review

Bicycle Review Thorn Nomad Mk2

Thorn Nomad Mk2The Thorn Nomad MK2 is my bike of choice for bicycle touring. I purchased the bike several years ago it was based, in part, on reviews from people on cycle touring blogs. Its now my turn to add... Read More...
Bicycle Touring Bike

The Bike

Bicycle SpecsClick here for Bike ReviewThorn Nomad, black, Thorn comfort bars, Thorn rear rack, waterbottle holder on bottom of frame for fuel bottle (alcohol / Metho) Rockshox front suspension wi... Read More...

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