9th August 

29.4 miles

Summit Lake (1825.5) to Sawtelle Resort (1854.9)

I just noticed that the distance I’ve walked, 1854.9 miles or 2985km is a long way. If I was in Australia and stood at the edge of the continent in my home town of Darwin and walked to the southern ocean at the city of Adelaide it would be the same distance via the main outback highway, the Stuart Highway. That’s quite an achievement in my books. But I’m not there I’m crossing the border of Wyoming, I’m now in Idaho.

Nips and I stopped at the border for a quick photo before moving on through disused forest roads. Lucky caught up and together we set off. Before long we settled onto a roadwalk to the resort towns of Macs Inn and Sawtelle. For the most part the scenery was rather lacklustre.

It was around 5pm when we reached Macs Inn, just in time for an ice cream and Dr Pepper. From there it was another 2 miles on the highway to the RV Park at Sawtelle. We stopped for a quick subway sandwich dinner before our showers.

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  1. Alison and Matt

    Congrats on making it to Idaho! That is a seriously long way! Matt and I have spent most of the summer backpacking. The big trip this year was the JMT, so we have a small sense of how tough what you are doing is. Hope the scenery gets a little more inspiring soon. Cheers!

    • BikeHikeSafari

      I did all the JMT as part of my hike, loved it. Can’t wait to read your write up

      • Margaret Buckles

        Be sure to have a potato while in Idaho. R those your new shoes in the picture entering Idaho?

      • BikeHikeSafari

        I’ve been eating idahoans potatoes fir a long time. And yes they are the new shoes. I never knew just how worn down the old ones were.

  2. Indiana Joans

    Brilliant achievement to date ….proud of you ….keep going and keep safe x

    • BikeHikeSafari

      It certainly looked like fire. It’s a normal part of the ecology here.


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