CDT Day 103 Rest in Pinedale 


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29th July

0 miles

Pinedale (1636.5)

Happy 21st birthday to me (again). Actually, I’m 46 now. Sometimes I think about my life. According to society I am in the prime income earning years of my life. Instead I choose a life of adventure. Not one regret. One day I’ll find a way to help and inspire others to adopt a similar life to mine. Stay tuned, I’m thinking and working on it now.

I took a day off the trail to rest the body and find out what I needed to do for the fires. I also needed to find out what I needed to do to get camping permits for Yellowstone National Park. I prefer to just let things evolve rather than have set plans on when I’ll be somewhere.

The fires in the Wind River Range area near the town of Dubois seem very serious. Part of the CDT is closed but a minor detour has been in place with only a minor inconvenience to hikers. None of us mind the detour. But we all hope the residents, firefighters and ranchers in the area are safe.

I bought smell proof bags to store my food, known as Opsack bags. I washed the sweat and food smells out of my backpack. It needed a wash. And for my time in town I consumed as much healthy food as my body would allow. I also had a beer or three at the brewery. I shouldn’t have but what the heck.

Also, an update on my Plantar Fasciitis. I’ve been diligently stretching and massaging my feet and achilles region. It’s still tender from time to time but very manageable. Thank you to all the kind people who have given advice. I’ve taken all of it in board and found what works for me, which is stretching and massage of the affected areas. Again thanks.

Another thing. I was in a store today and everybody was talking about some sort of Pokemon thing. I suddenly realised I’ve been wasting my life away with all this hiking and cycling the last couple of years or not.

how i spent most of my time in town

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27 thoughts on “CDT Day 103 Rest in Pinedale ”

  1. Happy Birthday 2016 & 2017! Now, about Pokemon Go, we (two sons, and I) played from about July 2016 for about a year). Granted, without sons, I probably would have known nothing about Pokemon Go. But, I do have many memories of us out and about together.

    Two encounters with law enforcement!!!

    Once we found a wallet on the ground. After trying to reach the owner, without success, we opted to walk down to the police station and give the wallet to them. It was a cold night, with temps below 30. The officer, being kind, allowed us inside ( it was late in the night/ morning).

    After thanking us, as we were about to leave, the conversation turned to the cold temperatures. As I was telling him how with my face covered the cold was not really bad at all, he said, you know you are breaking the law. My expression must have been a dumbfounded look. All I could say, was, What, really? Here I am trying to do a good citizen deed, and I find out I am breaking the law trying to keep my face from freezing off! I think I said, really, like three times. He did soften up, but, did say it is against the law to conceal your face in public.

    Second encounter with the police: My younger son and I were playing Pokemon Go. Where we live there are not many Pokestops; nor, great chances to catch many Pokemon. So, while in a nearby city, we went downtown where you can just ride and there are so many stops and Pokemon you are continually getting stops and Pokemon.

    We parked almost in front of the police station because there were three stops there and every five minutes you could get each stop again.

    Well, I thought that was great; save gas, stay in what should be a safe spot, and get the Pokemon stops over and over. We, also, just talked and laughed.

    After a while we decided to head home; but, before going home we would go a few more times up and down the streets and in the area to catch Pokemon.

    Granted, it was late, in an area that could be known for gangs and crime; but, also, downtown revitalization!

    We we’re trying to find some Pokemon that were appearing on our screen which took us into some, well, probably, less than where we should have been late at night areas. I guess we could have drawn the attention of someone ( a.k.a. police).

    We were going to turn and go home, when a Pokemon came on screen we did not have…it was nearby, and since it was not where we were looking, as we pulled onto the road I could tell it was across the river at Museum type place. Excited, we headed that way.

    In a few minutes, I noticed a vehicle tailing us. When we turned, they turned. Uh, oh. I tell my son to pull over in the parking areas at the Museum. In a few moments, a police officer approaches the car.

    One approaches my side, another my son’s side.

    I roll down my window and tell him we are playing Pokemon Go. The other officer is talking to my son, my son shows his I’d. I show the officer talking to me my phone and the PokeStops. He has not heard of Pokemon Go, and thought we looked out of place and had run our tags.

    All was cool. They left. I definitely said, Let’s go home. That just about killed me playing Pokemon Go; not worth getting into police encounters!

    I do have good memories of us going out together: Cheesy Westerns at the Texas Inn, urban hiking, and travel; we even used the app on the AT and we could see ourselves walking on the map; but, my Pokemon Go days have all but ended.

    The PCT, CDT, and AT may just be safer!

  2. Hi Shepherd. Find a way to be a surrogate egg hatcher for Pokemon players and you will be the first Pokemon millionaire. To hatch eggs from incubators players need to walk kilometers as measured by GPS. Wouldn’t it be great if thru-hikers could fund their trips by selling their mileage to Pokemon players! …just a matter of time

  3. You are accomplishing something far more amazing than catching Pokemons. Glad to read that the foot is better, and hope you get some well-deserved rest! Happy birthday!

  4. I think you are moving too fast for Pokémons anyway. Seriously! Have a nice day rest, enjoy the healthy foods and the extra couple of beers (any nice local brewery around?) Cheers :-)

  5. Hey, don’t knock Pokemon Go, it gets socially awkward and anxious peoole who live behind their computers outdoors! Glad you’re feeling better and your PF isnunder control :)

    • My PF is good at the moment but cones and goes, I’m stretching and massaging a lot to stay in trail. I still don’t know what Pokemon is, thankfully.

  6. Happy birthday Shepherd I’m glad you’re feeling better maybe just a day or two of rest will get you on the trail again


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