2nd August 

23.9 miles

Bushcamp (1708.9) to Bushcamp (1732.8)

I slept well last night. It was completely silent, almost too silent. I would have preferred a little wind noise or rustling in the bushes.

It was 7.30am when I finally started hiking. A late start for me. In only a couple of hours I reached the fire closure and detoured onto a smaller trail. I believe the detour was the old CDT trail from many years ago. It was neglected in many parts, I had to use my navigation and route finding skills a little more today. It’s known as the Lay Mal red route.

The trail was rather boring for the most part. I did meet three southbound hikers. We chatted about the trails and trail towns. I learned enough about the towns ahead that I’m confident on buying everything in towns as I go, no more posting food packages. 

The afternoon hiking was not much fun. Not much in the way of trail, lots of navigation and lots of getting geographically misplaced. The GPS on my phone kept me from getting too lost.

By late afternoon I was close to the lodge that had my resupply package. But there was not enough daylight hours for me to make it there. I was unable to cook dinner as I had no water to cook with. I had a choice. Cook and be thirsty or drink and be hungry. I chose hungry. I’m all out of food except one dinner meal that I’m unable to cook. No breakfast for me until I reach the lodge in another 6 miles.

the view from my tent in the morning

that’s the trail

so is that

I’m lost

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4 Responses

  1. Heather

    Thank goodness for GPS. I would have been lost, too, from the looks of those photos. Hope you get plenty of food and water soon!

    • BikeHikeSafari

      I’m fine, finally got wifi after a week in the technology wilderness.


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