23rd August 

26 miles

Highway camp (2116.4) to ATV road (2142.4)

Last night we made a plan to have a late start. Nips, Easyrider and myself were beyond exhausted. We all thought a sleep in might help repair the body and recharge the energy levels. 

I was the first awake in the morning. That was after I woke the first time and rolled back over to go back to sleep. It was 7.30am. I had my morning coffee and set off up the highway as Nips and Easyrider were waking. The sleep in served us all well.

We had 11 more miles of boring highway walking till we made it to the junction with the CDT. This section of trail was open, no more highway hiking. It was midday when we hiked back into the CDT. We all had enough of walking on highways for a while. This also marked the end of Idaho. From here to Canada I will be in the state of Montana.

I loved being back on the trail. The uneven ground felt so much nicer than the smooth blacktop road. It wasn’t long before I was limping again. The plantar fasciitis hit my left foot in the afternoon. Stretching, massage and ibuprofen was my only solace. 

The trail was in good condition and we made good time. Camp was a little earlier than normal but it was on the only flat ground we could find. As the sun was setting a rather annoyed Elk came near our camp. It snorted and stamped its feet. As quickly as it appeared, it disappeared. When I say it was an elk I can’t be sure, I didn’t see it. Neither did Nips or Easyrider, but they assured me it was an elk.

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