CDT Day 136 Change of plans 

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31st August

21.7 miles

Ridgetop camp (2267.2) Dry Spring camp (2288.9)

I slept like the dead last night. But in the morning I couldn’t get moving. Every part of my body was fatiqued. It took well over an hour to eat breakfast, pack up and get hiking. 78 year old hiker Fix It blasted past me with His hiking buddy Third Monty. I’m struggling.

By 1pm I hadn’t even hiked 10 miles. My whole body was shutting down and it’s time for me to modify my hike in an attempt to make it to Canada. I looked at my maps. There was a major highway up ahead that would take me to the metropolis of Helena. My new plan is to make it to that town for a rest. I don’t feel sick or otherwise ill in any way. I’m just worn out and exhausted. My body is just not coping with the three years of constant physical exercise that I’ve put it through.

Hopefully I will only need a day in bed with some healthy food. Then back on the trail for 3 days to the next town of Lincoln. From there it should be 7 days to East Glacier I’m Glacier National park, from there next stop is Canada. I’m awefully close yet so far away.

I managed to shake some of the fatigue during the afternoon and made some good miles. But I had to carry several litres of water between sources, adding to the fatigue. This is the continental divide trail so it skips many of the large river valleys a lot of the time in favour of the high ridges and mountains. As of my campsite tonight I have exactly 370 miles to Canada. The countdown has begun. I just need my body to hold out a little longer.

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  1. As Sally says, YOU’VE GOT THIS!!! I’ve been following Sally and you from the start and I know from experience what the miles, day after day, can do. Rests during the day, vitamin powder, and the knowledge that Canada is very close will get you through what has been a very arduous trail

  2. Hi Shepherd! I’m just catching up with your blog now. I see a reoccurring theme in your posts. Fatigue. I don’t know if this will help you or not, but I started taking vitamins and adding energy drink powder to my water. Might be difficult to get these in small towns. Any rate,

    1. Funny you say that. I just started doing that today protein powder with vitamins as of today to try and help. Hopefully it works. I’ll be in Canada soon.

  3. I think Pearl has a good idea. I would think you would only be stronger after 3 years of outside living etc. You are almost there so it is very smart to keep arranging your walking plans so that happens for you. Walk wisely………..

    1. I’m planning many rest days between now and the end of the trail. It is not just me, many other hikers are suffering exactly the same. It’s a hard trail.

  4. Get a blood test. If not now then after. I’ve been a bit worried you have something else going on. You are tough to keep going with the fatigue you have. ?

    1. I’m currently resting, my body is tired. I will make it to Canada in a couple of weeks. The rest is serving me well

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