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14th September

17.5 miles

Bushcamp (2542.2) to East Glacier (2559.7)

The hike to East glacier was fairly easy and the miles went quick. The trail spent most of its time hiding in the thick growth of bushes that seem to happen at the end of season. When the views did present themselves it revolved around the huge Glacier Mountains and the quick changing colours of the aspen trees. Already they are deep yellow. Winter is coming.

The town of East Glacier was surprisingly busy. Hotels were full. Hostels were filling quick. I’ll be in town for several days of rest and relaxation. Some very special friends are joining me to hike to Canada. Stay tuned to find out who! It’s very exciting.

I did find a small cabin and commenced the important job of resting. And getting those town chores done. Rest is rarely ever rest while thru hiking.

Next – Day 151-153 Retreat from the Mountains

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12 Responses

  1. philhalpin

    Hi Brad
    I agree with the previous comment. It has been a real adventure following your adventure. So close now. You have weathered many trials but you have soldiered on – a very big congratulations. Just need the weather to be not too unkind for the next week or so. What will you do to celebrate? Look after yourself. So glad you have made it.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Thanks Phil, hopefully the weather is good but I suspect it will be difficult. Stay tuned for the celebration

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Yes you do, the park pass might have given it away! Hope things are good for you both

  2. Margaret Buckles

    I know your special friends are the grizzlies you made friends with along the way. Thanks for the adventure even though I had to participate from the computer chair.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Your welcome Margaret, just a little bit longer to go, of the weather plays along.

  3. bernalljoe

    Hey, man. It has been an absolute blast following your journal! It is one of the best to blogs to follow if not the best. Congrats on your final steps to Canada and that you get to do it with friends. What an amazing adventure you have been on. I’ve been subscribed since you set set foot on the PCT. How can I go about sending you a re-supply of Dr. Pepper? haha
    -Greetings from Northern California

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Thanks and oh yeah I do like my Dr Pepper. I’ll be in the middle of nowhere for a while but thanks for the offer

  4. jayne

    Lookin forward to reading about your final steps to Canada. May it be a time of special friends, stories, memories, and fellowship… Special like all your posts are. Thanks once again for allowing us Lazy-boy travelers along on your hike. Very special indeed.


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