CDT Day 161 Surprising a Grizzly Bear while hiking

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26th September

13.9 miles

Red Eagle Lake (2609.6) to Reynolds Campground (2623.5)

The campsite last night was rather exposed to the wind leaving us both lacking in sleep. Lucky for us the trail was rather easy today, no high passes to climb or strong cold wind to battle.

The trail wound it’s way to the banks of St Mary Lake. On the other side of the lake was the famous Going to the Sun road. There was lots of evidence of bears in the area. Several loads of bear poo per mile littered the trail.

Bubbles and I were talking, as we do when hiking to let the bears know we are in the area. We rounded a bend, Bubbles was still talking. A Grizzly Bear, not 30 feet from us, ran off into the thick undergrowth. I only caught sight of the brown body with a blonde patch on its shoulder. Bubbles had her bear spray out with the safety off ready to spray like a gunfighter in a western movie. But the danger had ran away, the grizzly was more scared of us. Bubbles was a little shaken. She didn’t want to walk behind me for the first half mile or so.

A short time later we started to see Day hikers on their way to one of the waterfalls. They smelled so nice and clean. They probably thought we smelled gross. Not long later we were in camp, nice and early. I took stock of our food. I think we might be a little low on food in the coming days. I hope I’m wrong.

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