CDT Day 2 Hard Work

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19th April

19.3 Miles (31.1km)

1st Water Cache (14) to Bushcamp  (33.3 )

It was a slow start. All of us are working out our camp routines. We all woke up with not much in the way of aches or pains. A very good sign.

It was 7.20am when we set off from camp. The sun had been up for a while and temperature was perfect for hiking. But that didn’t last for long.

There was no trail. Just a few marker poles spread out at intermittent distances. Route finding was the call of the day. The path of least resistance between navigation markers. This type of hiking is more like what I’m used to at home. Lots of sharp bushes that rip your legs to shreds and little in the way of trails.

We covered the 11 miles or so to our second water cache. All of our legs looked like Freddy Kruger had payed us a visit. After suffering for way too long I put on my long pants. No need to embrace the brutality this early on in the hike.

At the water cache there was a vehicle on the side of the road. It was the support vehicle for the Warrier Hikers. Cold Mountain Dew and an Ice Cream. It was a hot day. Ah the simple pleasures were greatly enjoyed.

It was about 2pm when we started hiking again. Our plan was to hike another 13 miles to the next water source. It didn’t take long to realise that was a stupid idea. The trail wasn’t difficult but it all became a blur. We all struggled. It was rather warm and our legs were telling us to rest. So we did.

Border Security saw us from a distance. They started coming our way. So we stopped on a minor jeep road and waited for their arrival.

“Hola”, I said with a big smile. No matter how hard I tried I didn’t look like a Mexican trying to enter illegally. Which made me think. Illegals could dress up like Thru Hikers and just hike into USA. Easy.

We planned for the possibility of a dry camp so carried extra water. Lucky we did. With less than 20 miles hiked for the day we stopped on a ridge and called it a day. We were all spent.

We cooked dinner as the moon rose over the distant mountains. Not long after the sky went a bright pink then black. Good night.

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  1. Hey Brad, good luck on your new adventure :) I bet the warm heat of the day reminds you of home. Are there many flies there like there is here in Aus.?

    1. Hey thanks. I love the heat but the flies don’t. Haven’t seen one yet . I don’t miss them.

  2. That path looks very hard to find! What was the temperature on this day hiking through the desert? I can’t get enough of those beautiful sunrise/sunset photos. They never cease to amaze me every day here in the middle of nowhere in Texas. Small town with a view!

  3. Your camera takes phenomenal photos. Partly due to the photographer too, I’m sure! It is on my short list for new gear. Enjoy the desert!

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