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7th May

16 miles (25.7km)

Pie Town (336.2) to Thomas Ranch (352.2)

I woke from the penthouse suite at the Toaster House. I slept on a makeshift bed with 4 other dudes in the room. Before leaving I weighed myself. I put on s little weight in the last 24 hours. As we were all still hungry we made it to the cafe as it was opening.

It was midday when we left Pie Town. Yet another road walk lay before us. This was our third straight day of walking only on roads. I must admit it’s kinda wearing a little thin. But it needs to be done. It’s all part of the experience. I always try to find the best, even on an average day.

While in Pie Town I met a Korean War veteran by the name of John. He lives a little ways north of Pie Town and the trail runs right past his house. He invited us to drop in and say hello, while on our walk north. It is a well known stop for hikers as it is the only water source in the area.

Crunchmaster and I arrived to the converted iron shed to find Spontaneous already inside. They were standing next to a map of Korea. I listed as John recalled the areas he had served.

Several more hikes arrived. John is a natural story teller. Ever wondered what it was like traveling through New Mexico by Model A Ford in the 1930s? Or how friendly the locals are when times are tough? I listened intently.

We were kindly offered some snacks, water and a place to stay in his RV. I chose I night under the stars. I just love being in my tent under the clear New Mexican skies. I’m sure I’ve mentioned on many occasions how i”this area reminds me of home.

I set up my tent. Already it was cool as the sun was setting. The finest slither of crescent moon I had ever seen was on the far horizon.

Darkness came quickly. I gazed upward to the stars. Satelites were clearly visible as they made their way across the sky. There were also numerous planes. But at one point there were bright flashes in the sky directly above me. Kind of like the night lights of a jet plane. But there was no sound of a jet plane. No sound at all. They flashed a couple of times then nothing. New Mexico is a well known UFO place. I’m not claiming that I saw a UFO but it was unusual.

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  1. surforcycle

    Would like to see your recommended list of resupply spots (buy vs mail to). Maybe after you finish. Gotta luv that pie! Really appreciate you taking the valuable time for all the great replies to everyone’s comments.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      No probs, I’ll update everything as per my hike. Easy to buy in most towns unless you have specific dietary needs.

  2. Lucie

    So, you ate pie; was it Shepherd’s pie?
    *not sure if badum tish or crickets*

    I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures. I hope the rest of your hike goes well.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Haha. I wish. I would love a good Shepherds Pie, or a good meat pie.


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