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12th May

Miles 10.9

Grants (411.3) to (422.2)

My foot was fine. The tenderness I felt in previous days from the infection was minimal. We were leaving town. But we were not in any rush.

It was near midday when the local trail angel picked me up to take me to the post office. A trail angel is the thru hiking term we use for a person who helps out hikers. The help can come in many forms. Carole is from Grants and stocks some of the nearby water caches. She also taxis hikers around town. Unfortunately Grants is a very spread out town. Thank you Carole.

Our last stop in town was Pizza Hut. My hiking buddies were ravenous. Oh, and we are now a foursome. Boston has joined with us as we hike out of town. I met Boston while hiking the PCT last year. We meet again.

I ate a lovely breakfast but they all missed it at the hotel due to the strange phenomenon called free wifi. I was not as hungry but did eat sufficient calories.

Leaving Grants meant roadwalking. This time we hiked past a maximum security prison. A sign on the road advised drivers not to pick up hitchhikers. We just had to get done photos. A police car went past as we had our thumbs out for photos. It’s in Crunchmasters photo. Cops do have a sense of humour too. I should know.

The prison is next to the road. As we approached we could see the outdoor recreation area, the gym etc. It was right next to where we were walking. Just a wire fence, electric fence, razor wire and armed guards between us.

“How cool would it be if they were all out here yelling as us”, said Boston, rather loudly.

He thought the yard was empty. It wasn’t. Two dudes were in there hanging out at the gym equipment.

“What are you guys up to”, they said.

“We’re walking to Canada”, said Boston.

“No way”

“Yeah, all they way from Mexico”

We passed the prison and kept walking to finally make it to the trailhead. Finally we would be walking on trails again. For the first time on the trip we climbed up narrow trail up a steep hill. It wasn’t a steep hill by any means but New Mexico hasn’t greeted up with any large hills yet. As is normal for me the first day leaving town after a day of rest was a struggle. The rocky parts of the trail pushed on the infected part of my foot. But my foot is fine.

Our camp was at the base of the mountain we will climb tomorrow. There might be snow up there. We will  see.

no hitchhiking sign near grants new mexico

It had to be done


Crunchmaster doing his best Magnum look



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Life long lover of hiking and keen observer of the natural world. Former Police Officer and Wilderness Tour Guide who loves Cycling and Hiking the most amazing places on the planet.

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7 Responses

  1. surforcycle

    “You can do anything you want, just don’t stop walking” Anonymous. Glad your feet are doing their part, too.

  2. Paulo

    I’m glad Ur feet are ok. Tell me… do U take any particular attention to Ur feet before U start walking? Like put cream, jelly, etc?

    • BikeHikeSafari

      I do nothing prior to hiking. I try to prevent blisters by using tape in an area when I first start to feel it rubbing. This method works well.


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