CDT Day 33 Ghost Ranch

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20th May

13.8 Miles (22km)

Rio Chama (561.7) to (575.5)

It was not below freezing overnight. This made me happy and assisted with a good nights sleep.

The morning bought the red rock cliffs alive which was in contrast to the chocolate brown Chama River. My 6.30am start had me following the river for several miles. It was on a road.  As much as I dislike roadwalking I enjoyed the scenery.

It was 11 miles to make it to Ghost Ranch, popular retreat in the New Mexico Section of the CDT. It promised so much more to the hiker. ‘All You Can Eat Buffet’. These magical words have thru hikers salivating for days prior to arrival. I was salivating.

Ghost Ranch also kindly accepted delivery of some packages for me. A balaclava, gaiters and microspikes. They also had my package with 4.5 days of food.

The ranch is not only well known to people of New Mexico but also to Hollywood. Many movies have been filmed here. I think the most famous movies have been City Slickers. Look up Ghost Ranch on Wikipedia, they have a full list, you’ll recognise a lot of the movies.

We relaxed for the rest of the day with several other hikers. Bambi and Purple Pants were there, so was the French couple. We all enjoyed contact with the outside world thanks to the wifi.

Dinner came and went. I set off at 6.30pm with Bambi. We only hiked another 2.7 miles. There was a flat piece of ground with a stunning backdrop. No need to go any further.

Chama River

The French Hikers

Ghost ranch

the guy from the tropics wearing a down jacket when its 20C

Bambi walking up Box Canyon gorge on route to camp

maybe my favourite campsite of the trip so far

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