CDT Day 53 Creede

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9th June

0 miles

Creeded (803.2)

I’m torn. I loved my time in the San Juan mountains. But it was hard work, slow and potentially very dangerous.

I thought I could wait a week then had back. I could just keep heading north for 9 miles then rejoin the trail or I could flip all the way up to the Canada border and hike south.

Spontaneous left in the afternoon. We said our goodbyes. We had hiked over 800 miles together. We may end up hiking together again but honestly we are both not sure if it will happen. We will try.

I spent the afternoon alone. Only Easyrider was in town. We chatted a bit but both enjoyed our time alone. I decided something at least. I would get back hiking tomorrow. But how, when and where I haven’t decided. I might just flip a coin. I used to be indecisive but now I’m not sure!

one of John Waynes favourite holiday towns, Creede

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  1. Have you considered flipping with Crunchmaster up to Canada? He’s leaving 6/13 and will be on the trail on 6/15. I certainly respect your desire to walk a continuous path north, but also hate to see you miss some awesome trail in the San Juans. I’m looking forward to hiking in a few miles from Cumbres Pass so I can finish the last day with Crunchmaster in September. The San Juans will be beautiful then. Just had knee replacement surgery and should be strong and ready to hike by September. Wishing you the best. Will continue to follow you. There will always be a place to stay back east. Let me know if you need some support when you start your NOBO on the AT. I’m assuming that is part of your plan. Need a place to stay, need transportation from the airport or bus station. We can provide any or all of that.

    1. Hi Tom, I just contacted Crunchmaster and wished him well, I hope to meet him and his group in a trail town in Wyoming. I really wanted to be with crunch in Montana as he completed his triple crown, but I’ll be there in spirit. Otherwise I’ll see you in 2017 in the AT. Thank you for the offer.

  2. I agree with Claire. But even if you take a different route through Creede, isn’t that still “walking” to Canada? I understand you want to make the walk, but walking high or walking low – is still walking. Better to take a safe route than being frozen in some posthole on top of the mountain range all by yourself. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your trip on the PCT. I also enjoyed your trip to Mexico and it was a bit more exciting. You took beautiful pictures, the churches, the towns, everything was beautiful. I also enjoyed pictures of the locals, all of it. But this trip – geez, I am running to my computer every day to see what crazy thing you two are trying to traverse now. Very exciting. I appreciate that you share all the hairy details. Be careful and find yourself another hiking buddy.

    1. Thanks Karen. I hope to not have too many hairy traverses. They scared me. I shall be careful as always.

  3. Great last line! You have been successful this far in your adventures because you have trusted your instincts. This is a tough one and may require a day of rest for best consideration. It is also tougher because you may be hiking alone, though maybe not for long. You always had company along the PCT and I think that is smart. You will make a decision that works for you.

    1. There are currently less than 10 people ahead of me on the CDT. It’s certainly not a crowded place at the moment. Having said that I have caught a group, so stay tuned, who knows.

  4. im not surprised John Wayne liked this town – what a main street – can you post some colour photos. In deciding what to do consider this – If you die people like myself can no longer read about your adventures, live vicariously through you, see the wonderful photography and plan a trip themselves. Putting yourself in danger IS JUST PLAIN SELFISH!!

    1. Thanks for your insightful comments. As you don’t know me let me tell you a secret. I’m very risk adverse. I’m Constantly assessing and reassessing the situation that I’m in. I’m always safety first, sometimes to the annoyance of my hiking buddies. Having said that, my experience in dealing with snow, mountains and rivers have grown a lot in recent weeks. This trail has even humbled some very experienced mountaineers. So Claire, I’m here for the long run. Enjoy. Oh, I generally only post historic type places in black and white, I guess I’m nostalgic like that.

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