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22nd June

17.4 miles

Bushcamp (966.2) to Twin Lakes (983.6)

I lazed in my tent. It was hard to get out of bed. I thought I had my hiking mojo back but my stomach was still nauseous. I wanted to go back to sleep. Just one high pass to cross and I would be in a town.

I forced down my breakfast and set off on short downhill section. Then came the nightmare. A super steep section of trail. 2500 feet of elevation gain over a short couple of miles. The trail was steep. The steepest trail I’ve hiked on the whole of the CDT.

My lungs were working hard. Much harder than my legs. I felt like I was going to vomit. I didn’t want to stop. Very slowly I kept moving forward. Despite the slow pace I made good time to the top of the pass.

At the top of the pass I rested while waiting for Big John. I had cell phone service for the first time in many days. I made contact with the outside world. As a humanoid I’m honoured to receive so many nice comments from people following my journey. Thank you. During times of hardship I’m encouraged to continue.

It was downhill all the way to the town of Twin Lakes. I was still a little nauseous and not really very hungry but we ate a meal anyway. I didn’t really feel any better so we got a hotel room in a place that was once a brothel. I rested. Hoping to feel better and refreshed for the morning.

almost at the top of the pass

3500ft below is the village of twin lakes

I think I’ll take a shower

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  1. Paulo

    I’ve been silent but still continue to follow your adventure, Brad! We do appreciate sharing with us!

  2. Paul Wickingson

    I love your updates. I go right to them when I am notified that you have posted. Thanks for taking us along. And your pics are AWESOME!!!!

  3. Margaret Buckles

    Take your shower before you put that clean robe on. Take a rest day and be sure to rest.


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