CDT Day 68 I just hiked 1000 miles but I’m still in pain

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24th June

19.7 miles

Twin Lakes (983.6) to Busk Creek (1003.3)

I woke feeling well rested. My stomach was sore. It felt like I had a procession of razor blades in there somewhere. And just for something different my lower abdomen was very tender. Strangely, my energy levels felt great.

After yet another forced breakfast of granola, fruit, yogurt and coffee I made a decision to try and hike. Prior to making the decision I consulted the maps. There were many trailheads, roads and highways on this next section. I concluded that if I start to feel like I should get off trail then there would be many, many options to do so.

I set off hiking. My energy felt fine but my stomach was still sore. I was able to hike at a much better pace than recent days and weeks. But something just didn’t feel right. I’m hoping it was just the Giardia medication killing the bugs, I’ve had this kind of reaction before.

Thoughts of what to do were running through my head. I received so many private messages from friends, messages on Facebook and messages through this blog. I’m overwhelmed that so many people are thinking of me and offering assistance. I am deeply humbled. Thank you to all.

Late in the afternoon things weren’t getting any better. I still wasn’t comfortable. I made a decision to get off trail and get things checked out. As it’s Friday today I’ll try and see if my body will allow me to continue until Monday. A dear special friend will come and pick me up. I’ll get some checks and see what the Doctors say.

As for the trail, it was amazing. It was actually a trail. This is a very well hiked area. The highest mountain in Colorado is here, Mt Elbert. As are many other 14000 plus feet mountains. It made for gentle grades and easy miles. I guess I needed that right now.

I hiked with several other hikers. Big John is still with me. Boston joined me, I hadn’t seen him since part way through New Mexico. And I was joined by Zorro. I first met Zorro on the Amtrak train to the start of the hike. I met him a couple of times early on in New Mexico but haven’t seen him for maybe 800 miles. Talking of miles, I just hiked over 1000 miles today. Yay for me.

test break with Boston, Zorro, Shepherd (me), Big John

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  1. Hello Shepherd, I am catching up with your CDT blog. I hope you have a quick recovery. It does sound very good that you have things checked and that a friend is helping you. Take is easy, cheers :-)

  2. Looks like a beautiful section to hike! I could almost hear the crunch of footsteps hitting the trail and the clicks of trekking poles while looking at that beautiful trail picture. Counting the days until I get to hike and camp in NM next month! Still wishing you the best and hoping you feel better soon.

    1. Do get things checked out. You had not mentioned giardia previously unless I missed the post. Did you have medicine with you? You must know all water must be filtered even if it looks so clean and cold and coming from so high.

      1. I only just though of it, did some research and took the medication. I carry it with me as its one of the most common things that can happen to hikers. I filter all my water but maybe it could have happened while I washed my face, didn’t boil the water I cook with enough or came in contact with a restaurant employee who had it and didn’t wash their hands. Things happen.

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