24th April 21.6 miles (34.8km)

Cow Camp (105.4) to Roadside Camp (127)

I could describe my first week hiking the CDT in one word. Contradictory. Yes that’s a big word and I rarely use big words, but it’s a big trail. I feel like I’ve been hiking in the desert for a month yet it also feels like I only started yesterday. Navigation has been easy yet I find myself getting lost several times per day. The weather has been great yet it also showed its ugly side. The shade has been non existent yet I’m writing this blog post under a shady tree. There has been little wildlife yet I’ve seen lots of animals. I’m not sure what the next 20 weeks will be like. I’m sure it will be equal to or better than this first amazing week. Week 1 127 miles – 204km.

We were now hiking in woodlands and mountains. My desert fearing hiking companions could not have been happier. If Crunchmaster wasn’t in so much pain from his feet he might have enjoyed today. Spontaneous just closed his eyes and nodded off at each rest break. It’s a tough trail. We are all tired.

There was quite a climb today. It took us above 8000 feet. Higher than the highest mountain in Australia. The temperature was noticeably cooler today. And quite windy.

I enjoyed hiking in the trees. Quite a contrast to the endless low desert shrubs. But like the other parts of the trail so far we suffered from some very skanky looking water sources. Strangely, the worse the water looked the better it tasted. In fact, the worst water so far has been the town water in Silver City and Lordsburg.

We camped on a flat clearing with expansive views. But we were all so tired we just put up our tents and crawled inside. We are all very tired and looking forward to our next trail town. But that’s almost 35 miles away. 

nice section if trail early on


it looks gross but tasted great


two young bulls fighting, a third wanting to join in


first hillclimb of the hike, to 8000 feet


a cheeky wee rum and coke at the top of the big 8000 foot hill


first big tree



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  1. Kieran

    Inspirational stuff and no mention of blisters!! Hope my trail goes as well , I know I won’t get a sand storm in West Scotland ;-).

    • BikeHikeSafari

      I guess you are used to storms there. I got my first blister yesterday. Nothing major, I didn’t even know it was there till I took my shoes off at night.


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