CDT Day 81 Three beers on a hot day

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7th July

29.1 miles

Cabin Creek (1165.8) to Grand Lake (1194.9)

Hiking 14 hours yesterday was a great recipe for a good nights sleep. But I could not sleep in, I had almost 30 miles to make it to the town of Grand Lake.
Lucky and I were in great spirits. The last few days of scenery were some of the best of the whole trail. The trail descended to monarch lake where we found crowds of nice smelling day hikers. Soap and deodorant smell so nice as it passes by me. I apologise to all the day hikers I met. Yes, I stink.

Hiking past monarch lake I found a ranch with a general store. A beer, Dr Pepper and two packets of Cheetos later I left. Only to be confronted by a young moose on the side of the trail.

The next section of trail followed the lakes. Many trees had been blown down. One of the CDT committee was there to assess the damage. Trail maintenance starts next week.

While hiking the trail a group of guys were camped by the side of the lake. I spotted many cooler boxes and BBQ supplies. Several beers later Lucky and I staggered our way down the trail. A hot day, little food and a thru hikers metabolism adds up to an inability to walk straight. The beers wiped us out. I not a big drinker. But we had to keep going. We had a hotel reservation to attend to.

We sobered up almost as quick as the beers hit us. 7pm and we were in the hotel. Another big day of hiking in the bag.
I arrived in town to find my other great hiking buddy Big John is getting off trail for the year. Sad to see another good friend heading home.

I hope I can finish. This trail does not discriminate who it forces off the trail. I hope I can finish. In the next couple of weeks I may be very delayed in posting my blog updates. Just a reminder that I’m heading into Wyoming, the least populated state in USA!

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  1. Keep on. You will make it to the border. You will love Wyoming. It is unbelievable beautiful there. It was the best time in my life when I had the chance to live their for 10 month a couple years ago. And by the way.. Good Job!!

  2. Love your photos I hope they are high enough resolution to publish – your story would make a wonderful illustrated hard cover. Wyoming home of the horse – enjoy!

    1. I do keep the original photos in high quality. One day I do hope to do something with the photos but that’s a while off yet

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