10th July

24.2 miles

Never Summer Wilderness (1212.9) to Dirt road (1237.1)

I was on trail rather early. I enjoyed the moments of solitude. Lucky caught up to me at the first water source about 4 miles from camp. We faced a big climb up the last of the 12000ft mountains. Unfortunately for us we took an alternative route to the summit which was crazy difficult. 

Only days ago we climbed the last of the 13000ft peaks and 14000ft peaks. Colorado is getting lower and less rugged as we close in on the state of Wyoming.

Our route down from the summit was another minor disaster. I suggested we hike cross country on a compass bearing rather than follow the trail. We took longer than expected and were exhausted. But the worst thing was I lost a pair of socks I had drying on the outside of my pack. I am going to smell when I reach the next town.

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