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14th July

28.9 miles

Roadcamp (1330.3) to Highway 70 (1359.2)

It was still dark when I finished eating my breakfast. I wanted To make it 29 miles to highway 70 with enough time to hitch into the town of Encampment, Wyoming. It’s a notoriously difficult hitch due to the lack of traffic.

My left foot started to hurt as soon as I started hiking. Right on the heal. I stretched my calf but the minor pain stayed with me for the rest of the day.

It was about 8 miles to the Colorado/Wyoming border. A non descript piece of pine woodland and a modest sign welcoming me to Wyoming.

Colorado has been difficult. I must admit that in glad it’s behind me. It was certainly the most difficult hiking I’ve ever done. Attempting to hike the San Juan Mountains in late May/ early June was crazy. Just too much snow and too dangerous. Then the altitude affected me. And finally Giardia made me sick and weak. Yes I’m glad I survived. Most did not. Another hiker told me that the CDTC estimated that there are only 75 northbound hikers left on trail out of an approximate 300 hikers who started. I’m happy to be in the minority.

The trail was rather easy but navigation was needed as there wasn’t much of a trail in many places. Mud and swamp in many places. There is a wildfire burning on the Colorado/ Wyoming border. It’s not threatening the trail but I was only a couple of miles away.

I made it to the highway at 6.30pm. I didn’t fancy my chances of hitchhiking to the nearest town so late in the day. It took me an hour to get a lift, only 4 vehicles went past in that time.

I walked into the bar at the town of Riverside. Several other hikers were there. A couple of beers and a meal later I stretched out on the floor of a cabin with 7 other hikers. Hello Wyoming.

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Life long lover of hiking and keen observer of the natural world. Former Police Officer and Wilderness Tour Guide who loves Cycling and Hiking the most amazing places on the planet.

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9 Responses

  1. ThierryB

    And you are again smiling on the photos. Is this trail a piece of cake ?! I do not think so. Congrats !
    Would you recommend to start later, after all that snow ?

    • BikeHikeSafari

      It is a hard trail. If I hiked the trail again I would start in Canada and hike south to Mexico. It just seems to work better with timing.

  2. Heather

    Wyoming already? Wow! Congratulations to you! Looking forward to seeing your pictures of Wyoming. That is one state I’ve never been to. Glad your foot is getting a little better.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Yeah I’m moving faster, I will not be in Wyoming for long

  3. Claire De Lune

    Notice you are in a hotel – barefoot as much as possible whilst you can, buy that tennis ball to roll your feet on the relief is instaneous. Also the calf stretching Im deadly serious about doing it every two hours and no matter hard it is or how tired you are stretch them for at least 3 minutes as soon as you stop for the day or for lunch/dinner. Can you get yourself some of those toes shoes with no support and give those a go where the terrain is not too bad. Try to mix your shoes up as much possible and Im serious about dead flat shoes. Basically its the heel to toe drop that can cause problems.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Thanks Claire. The stretching seems to make a difference, even though it’s a slow process. I have been stretching about every 2 hours. I think it’s getting better, very slowly

  4. jayne

    Congrats on making it to WY. You are one tough guy. Hope the foot pain goes away soon without needing major intervention. Wonderful photos as usual.

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Thanks Jayne. The foot pain feels better after the first couple of steps in the morning


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