CDT Day 93 Sunset and Moonrise 

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19th July

16.8 miles

Rawlins (1424.6) to Bushcamp (1441.4)

From the time I woke my mind was on one thing, and one thing only. The all you can eat Thai buffet at lunch. I love Thai food.

In the morning I packed two food resupply boxes to mail to myself further up the trail. To my surprise I learned that the UPS store didn’t open until 3pm. The kind staff at the hotel offered to drop the packages off for me in the afternoon.

With the packages dealt I bid farewell to Thomas and Mary who continue their cycling journey south on the Great Divide Cycling Route. I also bid farewell to Lucky who is taking some time off in Rawlins. I’m unsure if he will catch me again on trail.

As I arrived at the Thai restaurant a couple of hikers waved at me through the tinted windows of a car. I couldn’t make out who it was. Out jumped Boston and Zorro. They joined me for lunch.

Boston wasn’t feeling great so stayed in town another night. Giardia and a couple of broken ribs will do that to a hiker. So I set off hiking with Zorro. It wasn’t long before he was out of sight. Which is not easy to do on the flat open plains. My sore heal flaired up slowing me down. I stopped often to stretch but the minor irritation remained. It’s annoying but I’m doing my best to manage it on the days it flairs up. Lots of stretching.

After maybe 10 miles of hiking I enjoyed some rare trail magic. A hiker  was giving trail magic before heading back on trail. I forgot his name. Strawberries, cherries, snickers and a large bottle of Gatorade. I needed the Gatorade. I’d ran out of water an hour earlier and was a little thirsty. Three other hikers were there. Zorro, Easyrider and another hikers whose name I forgot. Thanks. I’m bad with names, sorry.

We all set off hiking at around the same time but all hiked alone. Until we reached a water source two miles away. The water had a taste and smell of cow poo. Embrace the brutality, I told myself. This trail isn’t easy.

I stayed at the water chatting with Easyrider. Most of the conversation revolved around hiking the Appalachian Trail. I haven’t even finished this trail and I’m planning the next. But it was getting late. Time to make a few miles and find a place to camp.

I hiked several more miles till I found a flat but if ground with expansive views. Wide open treeless plains. Big skies. I watched the sunset on my right and the moonrise on my left. I like Wyoming.

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