12th July

27.9 miles 

Highway Camp (1269.7) to Ridgecamp (1297.6)

Frost and ice settled inside and outside my tent. I was freezing overnight. I was zipped tightly into my sleeping bag. Only my nose protruding. It was hard to get out of bed.

I set out late but Lucky was just out of bed. Like a reptile waiting for the warming rays of the sun. More roadwalking. I was happy to be on flat ground. My body and my backpack felt so lightweight.

After several miles I turned off the highway onto trail which led me to a campground. 

‘Do you want some coffee’, a friendly voice offered.

It was Dave. He camps here regularly but had no idea the CDT was only 25 yards from his campsite. I talked with him and his wife Callie for maybe 2 hours. During which time I was offered coffee, cake, a beef and chicken sandwich, granola bars a rice dinner and more. 

Lucky was several miles back. He called me on my phone to tell me he was getting trail magic in the form of beer and donuts. 

I couldn’t wait any longer for Lucky, I set off alone. The trail was busy with freshly showered day hikers. Only a thru hiker can appreciate how nice a person really smells after a shower. The trail followed the high points where possible but the views were mostly of swamps and pine woodlands.

Late in the day I find out that lucky is 6 miles behind me. I keep hiking hoping he will catch me. I stop to talk to a group of 3 hikers coming towards me. They were heading home. They offered me left over food. I gladly accepted.

Several days ago I broached the idea of skipping the next resupply town of Encampment, Wyoming. In favour of marching to the next town of Rawlins, Wyoming. Lucky had enough food. I did not. Until today. This is looking like a long section without resupply.

Dave and Callie provided me with a nice coffee and food as i passed through a campground. thank you

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  1. anna

    Such beautiful photos! Have enjoyed the last few posts. Glad you are slowly levelling out to the warm flat lands!

    • BikeHikeSafari

      As I write this I’m looking at the flat plains of the Great Wyoming Basin. Just like the Aussie outback

    • BikeHikeSafari

      Gotta love the territory. Gets below 18C in Darwin and it’s a cold snap.


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